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Good house numbers for luck

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What are the good house numbers for luck? Are you moving houses and want to choose the right one that will bring luck into your life? Would you like to know what the house number you are living in represents? Do you know if you are living in a house with a lucky house number?

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Your Name – Your Destiny

Baby Name Numerology

Learn simple methods to discover your numbers based on your date of birth and name. Find out your Life Path number and use numerology in your favor by taking the challenges in your life as an opportunity to grow.

To begin, let’s understand what numerology is and how it has been discovered. It’s amazing to read about Famous People’s Life Path numbers and see numbers and numerology as an impressive way to understand ourselves and might be the reason why we experience certain situations in our lives.

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History of Numerology

Numerology was used in ancient civilizations, thousands of years ago in Greece, China, Egypt, etc. To trade, they needed to use a system to exchange products so they used pebbles and other forms, so of course, they started to count and use maths and numbers.

The concept of numbers and their symbols has a mystical and occult meaning that can reveal the secrets of the Universe and its relation to human life. The numbers give the answers to how the cosmos works and explain our part in the whole. There a lot of things that we learned to understand by understanding numbers as for example the time.

time and numerology

Numerology is like astrology as it predicts important occasions in your life based in maths.

Pythagoras believed that everything had numerical relationships. It is said that Pythagoras was a “God” who came into the world in human form to teach us! Of course, the numbers were around many years before he started his extensive diversity studies including kabbalah, astrology, mathematics, and numerology. Pythagoras was not liked by everyone and his views were not always accepted. This is quite interesting if you think about the amazing work he left for us as many other great philosophers and artists.

lucky number

Life Path Number

There is a belief that the day, month, the hour you were born influences your life, and people who study the subject say that the moment of our birth and our name also add vibration to our lives. In addition, numerologists consider that everything can be related to numbers and these numbers have meanings. Therefore finding what your birth name represents by its related number will reveal interesting findings of your life path and maybe destiny.

life path numerology

Pythagorean system 

It is believed that each number has energy and vibration. So let’s discover ours. From the table below you can calculate your Name vibration by the Numbers it relates to and understand what the future might hold for you. You can also choose the name of your child and bring the vibration you wish for their lives. You calculate your number by adding all numbers of your birth name using the table below until you get a single digit.

Baby Name Numerology Calculator – The Destiny Number

Baby Name Numerology

You can easily use the calculator above to choose a name for your child. Let’s see how does it work: If you have already some names in mind, you can see what will be their vibration. Let’s use Megan as an example.

So, M is number 4, E is number 5, G is number 7, A is number 1 and N is number 5. Let’s add all together: 4+5+7+1+5 = 22. Wow! I picked this name by chance, or I was thinking about Megan Markle ?. In this case, number 22 is a Master Number and it is the best in Numerology! See below what it represents.

You can also use the calculator to see how the full name will add to their energy. So, let’s continue to work with Megan Markle’s numerology. Her full name is Rachel Meghan Markle, so if you add all numbers it will be: Rachel=31, 3+1 = 4, Meghan= 22, and Markle = 24= 2+4=6, So 4+22+6= 32 = 3+2 = 6. So, Megan Markle’s name by Numerology vibration is 6. So, what 6 mean? As from the info at the bottom of this text, Six represents Union, comfort, wealth and harmony – people with Life Path number 6 are the ones who like to be around people and make life better to other people. Don’t you agree that it is quite in line with her life?


How to Calculate a Life Path Number

This is the most important number in a numerology chart. To calculate your need to use your date of birth and the table above. Finding your Life Path Number will discover the possible experiences you might encounter in your life as your strengths and challenges.

So, if your birthday is August 2, 1964, you have to add: 2 + 8(August) + 1+9+6+4= 30. Then add 3 + 0 = 3.

If at the end of your sum you get: 11, 22, or 33, do not add it up as these are “Master Numbers”

Master Numbers are numbers with a special energy. So if at the end of your sum it reaches one of these numbers you should read the interpretations below for these specific numbers as well.

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Good House Numbers For Luck – Your Lucky House Number

good house numbers for luck

You can use the same technique to calculate what your house number represents. So, if your house number is 78 as in the picture above, just add 7 + 8 = 15 then add again 1 + 5 = 6. So, your house number in numerology is 6.

Another example is if your house is 234, then add 2+3+4 = 9. So, 9 is your number house. If your house number is also a letter, just use the Pythagorean table above so change the letter to a number and add it all up. Have a look at the meaning of the numbers to choose your good house numbers for luck.

Lucky Numbers – Best House Numbers

house number luck numbers

House number 1

Determination and Strength. It has a masculine energy so males could be more settled in this environment than women so they might dominate. Inspires creativity, leadership, and new beginnings (business or relationship)

House number 2

Harmony, social interactions, and Balance. It has a feminine vibration and the “yin” nature will inspire family activities, sharing, and care for others.

House number 3 

Communication and knowledge. The vibration will help those living in this environment to study and learn. It will encourage focus creativity and peace. Ideal for students and input more love into their life.

House number 4

Wisdom, order, determination and Action. (see also below)

House number 5

Balance, health, vitality and freedom. It will inspire travelling and guests but be careful with finances.

House number 6

Happiness and wealth. Pythagoras called the “perfect number” 1+2+3 = 6″ also six is related to Venus the Goddess of Love, therefore, relationships would be enhanced.

House number 7

Knowledge, spiritual and self-development, meditation. Introspective people will find this a perfect place to live, not for the more social type…

House number 8

Harmony and Balance and Renewal. It was called “the little holy number” and also can represent infinity. In the tarot is the number of justice. Financial investments will increase. The favorite house number for many.

House number 9

Selflessness, creativity, and humanitarianism.  People who want to give back to the community and let go of things that do not add any worth to their lives will thrive in their environment.  It empowers love and compassion.

The Unlucky 4? Lucky house numbers in numerology

There is some information out there about the famous number “4” house as an unlucky number. But, why is that? Let’s look closely into number 4:

In Chinese culture, the number four is considered an unlucky number as it sounds like the word death so they might avoid using this number or change its vibration (see below). However, it is not the same for English speakers or other languages. We also find the four seasons, four cardinal directions, the four elements, etc. So it’s not that bad, right?

The number four represents grounding, earth, and order, so if you are a more adventurous type of person you might feel pressure living in a number house 4 as its vibration is for order and organization. So, it will be beneficial if at this moment you want to be more organized…

If you are bothered about the number of the house you are living it is possible to change its vibration.

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The House Numbers and its Remedies

gold pot

It is possible to change the vibration of the house if the number is not in accordance with your goals at the moment. To do this simply write a new number on a small piece of paper or make a nice plaque (it’s up to you) and place it inside of your doorway.

See this example: If you live in house number 4 and want to change the energy to 8 just add another number 4. That is 4 + 4 = 8

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General Meaning of Numbers – Life Path Numbers

Life Path Number


Zero is the mysterious “nothing” or “everything”


One represents the individual, leadership – people with Life Path number one are entrepreneurs and like to do things on their way.

Famous people with Life Path Number 1: Charlie Chaplin and Tom Cruise


Two represents balance and duality – people with Life Path number 2 are the ones with good communication skills and know how to win an argument.

Famous people with Life Path Number 2: Barack Obama and Bill Clinton


Three represents communication and creativity – people with Life Path number 3 are successful in music, arts, and everything creative.

Famous people with Life Path Number 3: John Travolta and Alec Baldwin


Four represents The Earth, order, understanding, and courage – people with Life Path number 4 are the ones that love to do their best and pay attention to detail

Famous people with Life Path Number 4: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Frank Sinatra


Five represents Flexibility, Love, and adventure – people with Life Path number 5 are successful in careers that they can travel and have the flexibility to work in different places

Famous people with Life Path Number 5: Steven Spielberg and Angelina Jolie


Six represents Union, comfort, wealth, and harmony – people with Life Path number 6 are the ones who like to be around people and make life better for other people

Famous people with Life Path Number 6: Eddie Murphy and Thomas Edison

Seven represents the occult, spirituality, and knowledge –  people with Life Path number 7 are the ones who will find the answers to their questions and will be the leaders in their field.

Famous people with Life Path Number 7:  Dr. Phill McGraw, and Princess Diana


Eight represents Eternity and justice – people with Life Path number 8 thrive with perfection and authority positions

Famous people with Life Path Number 8: Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman


Nine represents experience and virtue – people with Life Path number 9 are the ones interested in world and community causes

Famous people with Life Path Number 9: Mahatma Gandhi and Bob Marley

Master Numbers Meaning: 11, 22 and 33

A double number has special vibrations so it should not be reduced down to a single digit when calculating a Life Path Number.


Intuition/Physics – Would face challenges and often beat them and rise to the next level cleaning up their karma. People with Life Path number 11 are considered “Healers“. Your connection with the source brings your intuition to work smoothly and efficiently

Famous People with Life Path Number 11: Prince William


Creation/Make Happen – Would have the ability to make their dreams come true easily and influence others

Famous People with Life Path Number 22: Richard Branson


Intuition + Creation = Humanitarian Focus (No ego)

Now that you know more about numerology and what are the good house numbers for luck, be ready for your next step and make the numbers work for you. I am sure you soon be celebrating something amazing with just simple changes in your life.

Feng Shui is also another way to bring prosperity, love, and success to your life. Learn about Feng Shui and simple changes you can make to your house here.


Love and be Lucky ☘


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