Is Knitting Easier Than Crochet? – Crochet vs Knitting

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knitting vs crochet: which one to choose?

In this article we answer the big question – Is Knitting Easier Than Crochet?

If you are looking to learn crochet or knitting, there are some fundamental differences that you need to know. But be sure that both are equally an enjoyable craft to learn.

So what is the difference between crocheting and knitting?

The first difference is that you use two needles for knitting and just a single crochet hook when crocheting.

crochet stitches hooks
knitting vs crochet decider

Is Knitting Easier Than Crochet – Knitting vs Crochet

  • With knitting, there are no complicated stitches. There are just two: the knit stitch and the purl stitch.
  • With knitting, we change stitches from one needle to the other.
  • With crochet, there are numerous stitches to learn.
  • Knitting can take longer as the stitches are smaller than crochet.
  • Knitting uses less yarn, and the instructions are straightforward.
  • It is easier to find knitting patterns than crochet patterns.
  • It is easier to fix mistakes in knitting than in crocheting.
  • Crocheting uses bigger stitches so you can see the results faster than knitting.

The other difference is when to choose Knitting or Crochet. Crocheting is best for scarves, cushions, bed covers and hats, for example.

However, it is not set in stone as; obviously, you can make all these items with knitting as well.

It is a matter of try both and see which one you like most and stick with it. I, particularly like knitting most.

crochet stitch with single hook

Knitting and Crochet Tools and Materials

For beginners, it is best to start with size 11 knitting needles. And for crocheting size H.

Many people learn to crochet and knit by making a scarf as a first project because it is easy if you start with a simple project.

There are also more chances that you are not going to give up as you will see pretty soon that you are making something!

The first thing that you need is to get the right tools and materials as you don’t want to get frustrated using the wrong tools, right?

It is also essential to choose crochet and knitting needles that match the type of yarn you plan to use. Therefore, start looking for yarn textures and colours that you like first.

It recommended starting with a crochet or knitting kit where you can get everything together so you won’t waste time trying to figure out which type of yarn you should use for each pattern.

See below some recommended options for Knitting and Crochet Kits for Beginners.

Crochet Kits for Beginners

Deramores sell gorgeous and sumptuous yarns for your projects. Click here.

Knitting Scarf for Beginners

Knitting a scarf is an easy project for a beginner. A simple scarf has a rectangular pattern, so no secrets or difficulties in reducing or expanding the size of your project.

Deramores sells kits where you can choose the colour of your yarns and get free patterns!

Most of the kits include the scarf pattern for your project and the amazingly soft, lovely colours and pleasant-to-touch yarns.

You just need to buy the needles if you don’t have one.

Scarf Kits Is Knitting Easier Than Crochet

Deramores sells one of the best indie hand-dyed yarns in the market. These yarns are gently dyed to bring the most colourful, luxurious and stunning materials for your projects.

With lovely combinations of colours, you are going to enjoy not just making but wearing your gorgeous and soft scarf.

This lovely kit is everything you wanted to make a gorgeous shawl.

The kits from Deramores contain luxurious hand-dyed yarns that you are going to love.

Click here to get your kit.

Cowls in King Cole Super Chunky

knitting your own scarf

So comfy! Make these fluffy Cowls in King Cole Super Chunky yarn now!

Deramores Textured Cowl Kit in Studio Chunky

knitted scarf

As you progress and want to challenge yourself, why not make this beautiful Cooma cowl scarf with circular needles?

I just love this, it is so comfortable, satisfying to wear and the colours possibilities are incredible. Knitting a cowl is a great project if you want to finish it fast.

It is also beautiful and fun to make.

Grab your kit from Deramores here

Knitting Circular Needles – ChiaGoo Kit

Chiagoo Circular Knitting Set Needles
Chiagoo Circular Knitting Set Needles

The famous ChiaGoo kits are a set of interchangeable Knitting needles. The ChiaGoo Kit is a perfect toolset to add to your craft box. They come in a lovely zipped case and are available in different sets with connectors, stoppers and stitch markers. It’s just what you need to get started.

Get yours here from Amazon.

You can be even more creative and try double pointed knitting needles. These are excellent for small round items like gloves or socks

Yarn Bows

Yarn bows are an essential accessory, especially if you have cats, like me.  If you want to keep your yarns away from dust and untangled is recommended to use yarn bowls when crocheting or knitting. 

These lovely wooden yarn bows from Yarn Worx are perfect and can be used as a decoration as well.

crochet hooks and wool yarn

Click here to buy these lovely Yarn Bowls.

Knitting and crocheting are addicting. It is a craft, a hobby and can become a way to get extra money if you sell your lovely scarves, hats and whatever your imagination takes.

So, if you are still asking if is knitting easier than crochet, you will need to try for yourself. Some people like crochet better, but it is really up to each person to decide.

As I always recommend, any craft you start, start right. Therefore, using correct materials, necessary tools and quality yarns, needles and other tools from Deramores is the way to go.

The journey to any craft will be gratifying, and you will quickly improve your skills.

Look what I found at Amazon!

Harry Potter Knitting Magic – The official Harry Potter knitting pattern book Hardcover

Harry Potter Scarf - Knit your own - Is Knitting Easier Than Crochet?
Harry Potter Scarf – Knit your own

Practice your best knitting wizardry with this fantastic book of patterns! Click here.

You can also search in Amazon (bar below) for other options.

Whatever you choose soon as you start to learn to knit or crochet, once you get started you will get confidence to try new techniques, patterns and different yarns.

There is no clear winner for knitting vs crochet as both knitting and crocheting have their own merits, they can be as easy or as difficult depending on the complexity of the pattern you are following. Simply try both and start with something easy to follow.

Whether you decide to knit or crochet you will be creating lovely things with your own hands is also therapeutic. Enjoy each moment.

Love x


Is Knitting Easier Than Crochet
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