Valentines Day Gift

The day for celebration of our daily❤ love! and we want to choose something unforgettable as a Valentines day gift. Yep, you know that butterfly feeling…????????

… we should keep it forever..

I find it particularly difficult to choose the right present so I started my research a few months ago and still haven’t decided yet!

I think it is nice when a gift, whatever the occasion, its personalised, as it shows that we dedicated time thinking about it and not just went to any shop and bought something in a rush.

The type of gift depends not just on our budget, but what we really want to express on this one of love celebration. Sometimes a nice personalised card will show our love much more than a very expensive gift.

There are things that we could do that wouldn’t cost a fortune such as cooking a very nice dinner for example. So, see some of my options below.

1. Bake with Love


Chose a special recipe and bake it! Some wonderful ideas here including dishes that you can make in minutes.

2.  Valentines Day Gifts – Personalised Cushion Cover 

personalised cushion

This is a nice cushion cover (you can get the inner separated). You can choose the image and the message. Well, if you are thinking about making an unexpected proposal, think outside the box. What about writing a message: “Will you marry me?”????

Get yours on Amazon here.

3. What I love about you – book  

what I love about you by me book

Show you love in writing. This is a great idea as it is a memory that you can keep forever. You could also make a book each year and compare the comments through the years!

If you are not good on writing love letters, the prompts on each page will help you start and show your romantic hidden side.

You can get this book here

4. Ice Ball Maker – Ideal For Cocktails 

ice ball

I found this an excellent idea as it keeps drinks colder for longer  than normal cubes. Available on Amazon.

5. Pink mini Drone with camera 

pink drone

Now we are talking! I know, it is not personalised and it is pink!????

but I couldn’t leave this post without adding this!!  ????

by the way I would love to get one for myself…????

Affordable wifi drone with 720P camera and it is not as expensive as you think! Available on Amazon

Final thoughts – Valentines Day Gift

In my opinion, a valentines day gift should be more than a material present given on a specific day of the year. We should celebrate it every day, every minute, so if it is a celebration, make it different, unique and special this year.

Even if you do not have a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, we should celebrate anyway! Give yourself a present! I’ve done this so many times! Even if it was just going to the cinema on my own, enjoying a good movie, eat popcorn and “be with me”!

❤ Happy Valentines Day ❤

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