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in this post, you will learn what is Sacred Geometry, its meanings, and symbols and what they can reveal, and how they relate to the world around us.

Also, I will explain why the perfect harmony in space and the measurements of human beings are called divine creations. And how this will help you understand sacred geometry meanings.

In conclusion, you will have a better understanding of our origins and our creation will reveal the meanings of sacred geometry and it is the building blocks of life.

What is Sacred Geometry

What is Sacred Geometry?

Before we go any further, you should understand that nature is geometric. Sacred Geometry is an ancient science that explores and explains the energy patterns that create and unify all things. So, as you study and learn about sacred geometry, everything will come together and you will see connections in everything and how nature multiplies things proportionally.

Most importantly, you will understand how maths complies in Sacred geometry.  However, If you are not a maths fan and have been asking “what is maths for” your all life, I hope this post will give you some answers.

For those looking for answers to the question “where we came from”, this post might be a starting point for your research to understand what is sacred Geometry.

Also, If you are interested in self-realization, and learning about the divine proportion, this will article can help support your studies.

Sacred Geometry Meanings

Sacred Geometry Meaning of Numbers

The mathematical philosophers discovered that everything Begins with a point, which is the essence of a circle. They created a series of symbolic forms that mirrored their concepts of the Universe. Yes, the Philosophers created the Sacred Symbols of the Universe.

They began their studies by explaining that nothing exists without a center, and by drawing a circle, it would represent the number one. The first ten numbers are the seed patterns for all the principles of the cosmos.

The Basic sacred geometry symbols are:

geometric shapes

Monad (unit – the circle)

geometric shapes and symbols

The seed that will expand and fulfill itself as a circle. For example, a question that has no answer is where the seed comes from.

The philosophers’ questions were to understand that if 1 x 1 = 1 how 1 x 5 = 5? What was the answer?

The answer was: “A reflection!” or replication. Therefore, replication is the principle of The law of attraction.

You can also see this when using feng shui mirrors.

Dyad (number two – the mirrored image)

refllexion in Sacred Geometry

The dyad is created when the circle reflects its own image and while it separates it also merges and, while it divides it also unites.

Vesica Piscis (the relationship to generate all numbers)

The Vesica Piscis is formed by the intersection of two identical circles that share their centres. The shape they share is called Vesica Piscis, a vessel of the fish or the female reproductive organs’ form.

Philosophers stated that shapes represented a connection between the sacred doorway and the spiritual and material worlds. For example, religious artifacts use The Vesica Piscis symbol.

Also, the 21st card of the Tarot of which represents the world and in Glastonbury’s well, symbolizes a connection between the sacred doorway and the spiritual and physical realms.

Triad (number three – the triangle)

Monad and Dyad

Monad and Dyad are considered the parents of all other numbers.

The triad is considered the firstborn.

It is the initial shape from the vesica piscis.

Three is the only number to equal the sum of the previous (1+2 = 3).

The word trinity comes from “tri-unity”, and it is a triangle is a symbol of divinity.

Tetrad (number four – the wholeness and completion)

Number Four - Sacred Geometry

If we draw a horizontal and vertical line connecting the centers and the two circles’ intersecting points, we create a perfect square.

It was the first even and female number.

The tetrad represents justice as it is the first number that divides into equal parts.

Pentad (number 5 – the symbol of life)

The symbol of life

The pentad represents the next level of cosmic design, introducing the symbol of life, the act of regeneration, related to Phi Φ, a crucial symbolism of the Pentad, a repeated growth pattern.

The circle around the pentagram protects its core, symbolizing eternity and the cycles of life.

Decad (number 10 – the beginning of limitlessness)

Number Yen - The Limitlessness

Step by step, the number replication approach to the decade or number ten. Also,  the beginning of the journey into limitlessness.

Phylosophers identified ‘ten’ as a connection between the world and heaven.

For instance, in the monad, any number multiplied by ten is similar to multiplying that number by one but in an expanded version of itself.

The Universe always multiplies by contemplating itself in a mirrored way:

  • unity to spring numbers
  • spring numbers to points
  • points to lines
  • lines to plane figures
  • lane figures to solid figures
  • solid figures to sensible bodies
  • sensible bodies to the elements: fire, water, earth, and air (which interchange with the earth at its center)

Sacred Geometry Explained

Philosophers and mathematicians

Philosophers and mathematicians have studied the spiral in nature. It was Pythagoras who introduced the world to the system of symmetrical geometric shapes.

You can learn more about Pythagoras and numerology in my other post here.

The philosophers mainly studied the snail shells and saw them as clues to understanding our world’s underlying structure.

Euclid of Alexandria, one of the greatest Greek philosophers also known as the father of geometry leading mathematics teacher, revels in his book, “Elements The Mysteries of the Universe through Numbers” which confirms the divine proportion theory.

The Philosophers who discovers the mysteries of Divine Proportion are:

  1. Phidias
  2. Plato
  3. Euclid
  4. Fibonacci
  5. Luca Pacioli
  6. Kepler
  7. Charles Bonnet
  8. Martin Ohm
  9. Eduard Lucas
  10. Mark Barr
  11. Roger Penrose

Sacred Geometry Meanings – The Platonic Solids

The Platonics Solids

These geometric shapes are called Platonic Solids because of the Greek philosopher Plato. They are also associated with the five elements as fire, earth, air, spirit, and water, respectively.

The platonic solids represent the physical forms created from the sacred numbers and consist of five regular polyhedrons:

The Dodecahedron (twelve equilateral pentagons)

It is associated with the ether (spirit) element and corresponds with the Third Eye, Crown Chakra and above.

It reminds us of our ability to go beyond the physical body to reconnect with our true nature’s higher resonance.

Each of these “regular polyhedrons” fits perfectly within a sphere presenting an identical view in all directions.

These basic shapes are used to build sacred spaces as temples, churches, and mosques as it would open channels of communication to the Source.

The Tetrahedron (four equilateral sides)

It is the pyramid form and represents the element of fire and it is linked to the Solar Plexus Chakra.

The 3d triangle symbolizes stability as each side of the tetrahedron sits flat no matter how it is turned.

The Octahedron (eight equilateral triangles as sides)

Represented by the element air, is a three-dimensional, self-reflecting shape.

Linked to the Heart Chakra, it is the center of love and compassion.

Via the octahedron, we can connect with the spiritual nature of the self.

The Icosahedron (twenty equilateral triangles as faces)

This symbol is associated with the Sacral Chakra and the element water.

It encourages us to go with the flow, allowing for creativity, freedom of expression and expression to flow effortlessly.

The symbols also help the removal of emotional blockages that hold us back.

Hexahedron (six equal sides)

The hexahedron, or cube, is connected to the element earth and the Root Chakra, a symbol of grounding energy and focus.

The Star Tetrahedron

Star Tetrahedron

The star tetrahedron is a Grid of Life containing 64 grids.

One of the exciting aspects of the 64 tetrahedra is the number 64 itself and its appearance in our world such as human DNA::

  • DNA code
  • the number of cells before it starts to replicate after conception.
  • computer memory code
  • the generations from Adam until Jesus
  • manifestations of Lord Shiva in Hinduism
  • squares in chess and checkerboards
  • hexagrams in the I Ching
  • tantras which is a form of Hinduism

This symbol can produce many trees of life that radiate inward.

It links up to our path and harmony with our soul family, amplifying the energy to manifest and accomplish goals.

Geometric Forms and Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns
Geometric patterns

The Seed of Life symbol represents the first seven days of creation.

Seed of life

Major religions in many sites worldwide, such as churches, mosques, prayer books, and ancient temples use The seed of life as a symbol of blessing and protection.

In addition, the Seed of Life represents fertility, new life and rebirth.

For centuries, the Flower of Life has used in many countries as Ireland, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, China, and many others.

The ancients hid the Seed of Life’s understanding and knowledge to the common knowledge as it was very sacred.

The Flower of Life is what we call the blueprint of the Universe.

The “start” and the basic design of every atomic and molecular structure and life form.

The Flower of Life

Flower of life

Modern science and quantum physics have confirmed the cosmic significance of these ancient sacred geometric forms related to how the physical Universe occurred.

This knowledge comes from the ancients who knew about the energy connected with the nature of our existence.

The circles within the Flower of Life represent Chi or Life Force energy that flows through us.

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is connected to everything and includes things we cannot see or the “invisible” world.

It makes us aware and awake and reminds us that we are part of the Universe and that we are not alone.

It’s a visual representation of the return to God-consciousness or a method of organizing our lives in a way that we understand the world.

It can be difficult to go through each step as there are always challenges involved.

Working with your chakras is one of the options to make this journey less complicated.

Working with your chakras

Kabbalistic follows the Zorah, the middle line of the Tree of Life to activate the equilibrium balance of consciousness.

It has a hierarchical structure for all of the forces in the Universe.

Different paths connect the ten sephiroth. It is like a ladder to the heavens.

By visualising the Tree of Life our consciousness and awareness would shift frequencies and vibration.

The Sephira at the top of the Tree represents cosmic consciousness.

The Sephira on the base means the material World.

The rest of these Sephiras represent the Soul’s qualities and forming the Pillar of Severity, pillar of Mildness, and Mercy’s Pillar.

The Fruit of Life

Fruit of life

The 13 spheres represent the sacred geometric pattern called the Fruit of Life similar to that of the egg of life. The 13 spheres represent the sacred geometric pattern called the Fruit of Life, similar to that of the Egg of Life, which can be visualized as eight spheres within Metatron’s Cube.

The Fruit of Life is the Holy of Holies of Sacred Geometry because it’s hidden within the ancient and well-known Flower of Life pattern.

Life’s fruit comprises 13 spheres, which means transition and unity between the invisible and material worlds or other dimensions.

Metatron Cube

If we connect all the 13 circles from the fruit of life, the result is 78 lines that interestingly create the Metatron Cube.

The Metatron Cube contains all five platonic solids.

The spheres of the Fruit of Life represent the female movements or elements of creation and provide the field for the 78 rays like male creation movements.

The name “Metatron” is also known as an archangel mentioned in Islamic, Judaic and Christian medieval mythologies.

Metatron is considered God’s scriber to understand the basic principles of creation and sacred geometry. Notice the similarities to sri yantra.

Archangel Metatron

The Archangel Metatron has been pictured with or holding a cube for many years.

In the Old Testament, the Thrones are the Merkavah’s wheels, the chariot throne of God.

In 1 Enoch 70, we see Enoch been transformed into Archangel Metatron through God’s fire’s purification to become the most crucial angel and be the only angel allowed to be seating in Heaven.

Metatron guards the tree of life and records the history and deeds of humankind.

Sacred geometry is the blueprint and principle of creation and where everything connects as matter, spiritual, physical and mind. 

Sacred geometry and numbers are the core of everything, and this is how the Universe ruled.

The Universe uses numbers as a language, and through sacred geometry, we can learn how numbers vibrate to create and replicate things in a very distinctive and proportional way.

Metatron Cube represents the trajectory and balance of energy throughout the Universe.

All circles connected by straight lines represent the feminine and masculine, showing that everything in the Universe connects to everything else.

Metatron also has thirteen circles representing the thirteen archangels (with Metatron’s circle at the centre).

Metatron’s Cube

Metatron’s Cube is used as a meditation aid and as a cleansing device in a clockwise direction disperses negative energy while the battery for you to draw energy from the ground.

The Metatron cube is formed from the Fruit of Life by intersecting points of this shape.

The power of this shape is on the hidden five platonic solids.

Metatron cube is a powerful symbol of protection, able to keep away demons and other unwanted influences.

How to use Metatron’s Cube

As Metatron is the angel of creation, if you are an artist, you could use the Metatron’s Cube image to inspire you through the connexion with this archangel’s energy and its universal flow.

By hanging on a wall or put in on doors and windows or wear a powerful symbol of protection as a piece of jewellery is a way of using the Metatron symbol.

God the Geometer - metatron's cube

The picture above, a view of the earth influenced by Ancient Greek, contained in the Bible Moralisee, (medieval picture bible) shows God shaping the Universe with a compass.

In the Kabbalah, Metatron is at the top of the Tree of Life known as Kether.


It is said that the kabala is the way Adam and Eve were taught to be able to go back to paradise following the paths of The Tree of Life.

The Hebrew word means “to receive inner wisdom” as a profound mystery that contains the secrets of understanding the higher dimensional realities and is sometimes difficult to comprehend.

The Merkaba

This symbol combines opposing energies in perfect harmony.

The Merkabah is considered an interdimensional vehicle in modern esoteric teachings.

It is also known as a star tetrahedron and as a 3-dimensional Star of David.

Shapes have been used since ancient times by mystics, sages, and spiritual teachers.

They believed that shapes were the secret to understanding our connection with the Source, the Universe and the creation of life.

They called these shapes as sacred geometry because it has specific proportions.

According to many ancient traditions, all arise from sacred geometry on a deeper and more spiritual level.

Sacred geometry is everywhere and in everyone.

It is in maths that make up our Universe as well as the dimensions, universes, and far away galaxies.

The Merkabah is another powerful symbol created when two-star tetrahedrons are combined — one pointing up to the heavens, channeling energy down from the Universe to the earth; and downwards, taking the energy up from the ground.

Merkabah is how ascended masters connect and are transported to the Higher Realms and higher dimensions via meditation practice.

“Mer” means light. “Ka” means Spirit. “Ba” means Body.

The Merkabah symbol (also spelt Merkabah) translates to light, spirit, and body.

The Merkabah consists of 2 intersecting tetrahedrons that rotate in opposite directions; this creates an energy field.

It is a way to combine and harmonize reflecting energies, which we have power when connected to the Source, but we forget. 

Merkabah mysticism was practiced in ancient times, compiling teachings about Heaven.

It is necessary intensive meditation practice to achieve Merkabah to reach the higher realms, consciousness state and protection.


Torus’ is a vortex, and it is the first shape to emerge from the Genesis Pattern.

It is in everything from atoms to life forms, stars and galaxies.

The human aura form, the energy is flowing through the torus’s surface and inside an in a spiralling pattern.

The sacred geometry is shown with curves lines throughout the middle in a 3d perspective known as horn torus.

The Secrets of the Universe

Sacred Geometry Meanings of Harmony

If you have got this far, you are getting closer to knowing what is Sacred Geometry. Next, I want to go through Sacred Geometry meanings of harmony.

Geometry becomes sacred when the design and structure of the symbol, drawing, and art of an object are built harmoniously with nature.

This means divinely created based on the Universe’s laws.

The key to understanding the Sacred Geometry meanings is to learn that the “harmony with nature” is those specific measurements repeatedly found in all forms of life and the cosmos.

Spatial proportions are these harmonious measurements and this mysterious formula encountered in music, art, colour and science.


The spiral is a vital symbol, shape or geometric form used to describe the origins of the Universe.

Following the Sun’s rotation, the spiral in nature turns clockwise, which symbolizes the seed of potential energy.

The word “sacred” means “consecrated” or “holy”.

“Geometry” is a study of natural shapes which refers to mathematical formulas.

A honeycomb, for example, has a hexagonal shape.

In sacred geometry, straight lines are a representation of male and curved lines, female.

Spiral Symbol Meaning

Spirals have also inspired many artists, for example, the unfurled fronds of the tree fern in Maori art.

The golden ratio is a never-ending spiral shape.

Sphere or Spiral

The spiral in the picture came from a Tibetan tradition and used to describe the origins of the Universe.

Turning in a clockwise direction, it follows the Sun’s path and represents the movement and power within a coiled spring.

Proportional replication can be seen in the natural world in the form of a snail shell, similar to the spiral symbol.

The sphere is the most sacred symbol in the Universe,  it shows how other shapes how they fit together in perfect proportions.

The most important examples of a sphere are earth, along with all the other planets.

The spiral represents the cyclical phases of evolution and looks as if there is no beginning and no end.

This balance is in the loop in our inner ear and the human embryo’s unfurling shape.

Looking at the Human body within the golden ratio, we see a perfectly balanced ratio of the whole to larger and larger to smaller.

The Parthenon of Athens

The building of the Parthenon of Athens was based on the ideal human body proportion and measurements, a mathematical formula for beauty. It Idealizes human measurements to define perfect proportions. In this perfect harmony, the whole is to the larger proportion as the larger is to the smaller.

The Fibonacci sequence is the calculation to reach the golden ratio in any form of art.

The pattern increases by adding the two previous numbers.

A  ratio is a comparison way to measuring things to each other or a whole.

To create a proportion, we compare two rates.

It is a perfect description of the principles of growth and uniformity in nature.

The Greek symbol (Phi)Փ, approximately equal to 1.618 is the representation of the golden ration and the divine proportion.

The spiral’s mystical symbolism appears throughout the world, from Neolithic caves, Celtic stones, and Hinduism as the Kundalini Serpent. They were used in rituals to charge the subject’s energy or a place and for protection as talismans. Some cultures of developed dances to recreate the spiral’s strength, such as the Turkish whirling dervish, Native American dances and Folk.

What is harmony in art?

The harmony existent in nature is fluid and inspires us to create new things as it is good for our eyes. These shapes and colours blend naturally and perfectly and it is the artist’s goal to make their art visually effective to express their emotions and produce an impact on the audience.

Artists achieve harmony in art by using a careful arrangement of the subject the artist is working. This connection is the beauty of the ideal proportion. One of Leonardo Da Vinci’s most famous drawings, the Vitruvian Man (c.1487), illustrates the divine creation perfect formula by Vitruvius.

leonardo da vinci - The Vitruvian Man
The Vitruvian Man. Leonardo da vinci

In this picture, we can see how the human form can fit perfectly into a circle and square.

Alberti’sfacade calculated the human body measurements as fractions of the total length as “part” of the “whole”. Today we use the measurements of the human head to draw the entire body perfectly and harmoniously. For example, “The Baptism of Christ” by Piero Della Francesca, used exact proportional arithmetic and geometrical shapes.

The ancients considered the human body’s arrangements and proportions and used it when building temples and other areas.

Sacred Symbols and Their Meanings

Sacred Symbols can be magical objects that hold mystical secrets, mysteries, and holy symbols with sacred meanings. As the saying goes, a little knowledge can be dangerous, so, without fully understanding how to use it properly, sometimes secrets reveal to a particular group of people in a cult.

We can see all around us, symbols like charms, religious medals, statues, coded alphabets, arcane scripts, or simple mudras (hand gestures). They are all symbols. Sacred is in everything; it is our nature, the way we connect to things around us.

Sacred Places of Pilgrimage

Heaven on Earth – Glastonbury Tor

Symbols of protection and veneration use sacred geometry

We can see throughout history when something miraculous happens in a specific location, it becomes a “sacred place” and rendered holy. The reason for becoming a holy place is because sacred geometry was used to build this place in an attempt to reach the divine. With this intention they become Pilgrimages. For example, some entire cities may reveal the sacred geometry as Varanasi, Jerusalem, and Mecca. Also, Borobudur, the Buddhist temple in central Java is a marvelous example of sacred geometry that copies the map of the Universe.

fExample of sacred geometry symbols used in ancient buildings

The Golden Mean

Golden Mean is also called phi, or Golden Ratio because it divides and subdivides everything in a balanced way. Therefore, it represents Infinity, as parts relate to each other divides and subdivide eternally. For example, A fertilized egg starts as a unique cell and keeps dividing itself until it forms is a human being. Furthermore, this principle of division and subdivision, and replication is visible in all species, organisms, and nature.


Addition and multiplication are the rules of the Universe, resulting in our minds work in the same way. Thus, most of us want to think positively, to attract more positive things in our lives. Therefore, it is practically impossible to get negative thoughts as “subtraction” is not something that works with the golden rules.

So, why are lots of people are using sacred geometry symbols for healing or prosperity? Because they understand the crucial principle of peace and getting rid of worries and miseries is to focus on the positive and not to “forget the negative”.

In conclusion, what we think, attract, create, we multiply. So, simply that we always forget. So, look around you, sacred geometry is everywhere, it forms the building blocks of creation.

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