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5 Tin Can Craft Ideas – What To do With Empty Tin Cans

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If you are here you are interested in learning 5 Tin Can Craft ideas to upcycle your empty containers at home.

Sometimes people think that crafts are just ugly, old, rubish and outdated objects that they will never use as a decoration in their homes.

Well, in fact, in some crafts you can use, or better saying “reuse” “old things”. However, the crafts world has its levels.

In several cases, if you apply some effort and add nice materials and creativity you can transform objects as tin cans into nice and useful items. See below 5 examples:

 1-Tin Can Craft Organizer

Simple tin can craft pencil holder

There is a little story about this project.

My partner is so lucky that I gave him a coffee machine last Christmas. While he was opening the box, I had to wait anxiously to get hold of the coffee pods tin can as I already had an idea in mind.

I like coffee, especially Cappuccino, but at this moment, I was more interested in the tin can because when you do crafts with tin cans you need to be careful with the sharp edges of the tin can. But this was perfect!

So, off to my craft drawers to get some inspiration for my project! I added a video of this project at the end of this post.

This is a very easy and fun tin can project and if you wish, you can get the kids involved with adult supervision. It would also be an opportunity to introduce or reinforce the idea of recycling, save money and care for our planet!

You can use any tin you have, the bigger, the best. However, again, make sure the tin can do not have sharp edges! 

Mod Podge - Tin Can

Materials and tools needed:

Fat Quarter Bundle from Kim's CraftCorner Etsy Shop
Fat Quarter Bundle from Kim’s CraftCorner Etsy Shop

(*) I used matching “fabric fat quarters” that are small adorable little pieces of fabric that fascinate us. The fabric it is supplied in approximately 46cm x 56 (18” x 22”) pieces.

(**) Mod Podge it is an excellent product as it is specific for decoupage and gives a nice finish. You could use PVA-glue if you prefer. I used PVA glue in one of my other project-see here.

(***) I got my tape measure free from IKEA.

Fabric fat quarters

I get inspired when I visit my local art shop or when I buy online. It is a “me” time, kind like a therapy where my creative mind takes the lead.

In one of my visits to Hobbycraft, I saw these cute fabric quarters matching animal’s prints. I did not know what I would do with them, I just couldn’t resist. It was in my drawer for a while until today!…

Fabric fat quarters for decoupage project My paintbrush collection is growing so I knew I needed a bigger pot to keep “some” of my paintbrushes at easy reach on my desk.

At the same time, I wanted something visually interesting and unique. So, that’s how my tin can project came about.

Measuring the Tin Can

Old coffee can for decoupage project

Firstly, I measure the length and circumference of the tin.

Measure the coffee can

Then, I made sure to add around 3cm (1.5″) on top of your measurements to cover the edges with the fabric (bottom and inside top)

Measuring the Fabric

Cutting fabric

As I used two different fabric prints, my measurements will be divided in two.

Cutting the Fabric

Fabric cut for tin can craft project

I cut the fabric into strips dividing the measurements equally. Good opportunity to try maths with your kids, or, just choose one fabric print.

Adding the Fabric to the Tin Can

Mod Podge on to the tin

I used Mod Podge to cover the area to accommodate your first strip. You can use PVA glue as well.

Then, I covered one fabric strip with Mod Podge to start.

Smooth the Mod Podge

I added the fabric strip to the tin.

To have a nice finish, make sure you smooth the fabric using your fingers to take out any wrinkles that may appear.

Repeat the process above using your pre-cut fabric strips until the whole tin is covered.

Note: If you are using two different fabric as in this project and you have done your maths correctly, you should have no fabric strips left or missing.

Final touches

Measure the inside top edge of the tin and cut a strip of your fabric with these measurements.

Cover the inside top edge with Mod Podge or PVA-glue and fit the strip inside and press with your fingers.

Cut a circle of fabric slightly smaller than the outside of the tin and add to the bottom.

Cover the whole tin with Mod Podge and let it dry.

See my YouTube video below and if you have any comments or questions let me know.

2-Tin Can Craft Pencil Holder Project

This is a simple and cute way to reuse your tin cans. Just pint with black ink and add some decorations as buttons and cords.


3-Tin Can Craft Plant Vase

How lovely is this? You can use your own photos (print and use Mod Podge or PVA glue) and voila!


4-Tin Can Craft Plant Pot

Give new life to your plants. A simple and cool idea.

Just paint your tin can with white paint or any colour of your preference!



4-Tin Can Craft Halloween Project

Such an interesting idea! The kids will love it! Grab your paints and start the party!


5-Tin Can Craft with Napkins

Using the decoupage method with napkins and you have a very delicate and sophisticate pots to keep your belongings.

I love these!

Let me know what you think in the comments below.



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