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The Cat Language Bible Review | How to Talk to Your Cat

  • April 27, 2020
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The cat language bible review all that you need to learn how to talk to your cat.

It is fascinating to see that cats meowing are not always the same. There at least 12 cats meowing meaning for each different sounds they make. Impressive, don’t you think? 

It is not just the cat meowing that represents a cat’s language. Cats purring, screeching, hissing and growling is also forms of cat communication. To understand cats behaviour is vital to understand their emotions. Cats communicate very openly to us by their actions and sounds. But the problem is:

We do not understand Cat Language!

cat language

Sometimes cats behaviour problems can be disturbing, especially those abandoned cats that found a lovely family to adopt them. These cats might have endured hunger, fear and have lived an abused life and survived in the streets for years. It is tough for cats to adapt to a domestic house living cat s is because they don’t know how to or are very afraid that someone will hurt them again. So they are always ready to attack to protect themselves. They need to be comfortable and trust the new parents so they can relax in the new environment. Therefore understanding the cat’s need and what they are felling is fundamental to a good relationship with them.

All cats want to have a stable environment with enough space, so they feel in charge. (at least they think so). They need to “own” their territory. Stray cats take longer to adapt to a new home as they have been moved several times during their lives.

Any radical movement, like moving furniture or house refurbishment, can cause cat stress. Well, if we get anxious, why not them?



The Cat Language Bible 

The cat bible

It is not a matter of how much do cats understand us but how to communicate with a cat. We need to learn their language and talk with them in a way they know. It is the opposite to try to make them understand us: We need to learn the cat language.

That will make their lives and our relationship with them more enjoyable.

If your cat jumps in your lap and is always closed to you it might be a clear sign that they are calm and trust you, or let’s say, they love you? But how do we know for sure? The Cat Language  Bible explains this.

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All little secrets will be easier to identify once we are aware of how to talk to your cats. The cat language bible is a book where we will find the answers to all your questions. It shows to understand cat language and how cats communicate with other cats and humans. The Cat Language Bible explains the difference between the meawing cat meaning tones and pitches. 

Cat Body Language

cat body language

A straightforward way is to observe when they are meawing and start to walk. My cat, Ziggy, for example, touches us with a kind tap and waits for us to follow him when he wants food. As he walks towards his food bowl, he stretches himself while his tail is upright. It is quite cute. Not all cats behave the same. But this shows that he is moving to his territory and is confident, happy and friendly.

The cat body language can be understood by how cats move their eyes, ears, body and tail. It is not a set in the stone definition. It depends on the situation; the same sign can sometimes represent the opposite. Therefore it is imperative to learn how to interact with your cat. The cat needs to understand that you are not going to hurt him.  Sometimes we get scratched and bite when we don’t know what precisely the cat wants.



Cat Tail Meaning

If you want to understand your cat, you need to learn about cattail meaning. If you observe your cat, you will see that they move their tail differently depending on their mood. This is the best way to start to learn how to understand cat language.

Interestingly, when Ziggy has a curved tail like a question mark, it is quite sure that he wants to play. This sometimes also means scratching. Ziggy was a stray cat, we adopted him a year ago, and he is slowly adapting to us. It is difficult to know precisely what happened to him before.

In the beginning, he would stay day and night hiding from us. However, he is now very confident to sleep in our beds. We are still learning with him. Ziggy yet does not jump on our laps and don’t like to be picked up, so we respect his choice.

My previous cat Snowball was utterly the opposite of Ziggy; he always wanted to be very closed to us and jumping in our visitors. I miss him. He learned to do a high five with us, and he is in the feature picture of this post.

So, cats are different; they have different behaviours depending on what they went through their lives, their breed, the environment they live or their unique characteristics. Having a guide that teaches us how cats communicate is essential. Learning and adapting to our own cat’s specific behaviours we are better equipped to talk to our lovely furry pets.


The cat language bible review

The Cat Language Bible Pros

The book is a practical method with several pictures of cats and what their different signs represent as their behaviour. It is the cat body language bible which is essential, to understand the cat’s mood, behaviour and what the cat is trying to tell you.

The Cat Language Bible explain the simple changes in their body and meowing sounds that make easy to understand the body language of cats.

There is no other cat guide book that shows in pictures the cat behaviour meaning, how they think and how sometimes they manipulate us to get what they want.  The book explains how our pitch of voice, tone and length can affect our cat’s interaction with us. 

Watch author Jonas Jurgella’s FREE video presentation: 

With years of research, The Cat Language Bible is a complete simple guide that anyone can use to interpret cat sounds as they’re happening.

By reading the book, it is easy to know when your cat wants to be left alone or wants to be hugged. It is a fascinating book which teaches us how to learn the cat language.

There is also four bonus when you acquire The Cat Language Bible. One is The Cat Care Guide that shows the love and compassion that you can increase between you and your lovely feline.

The second one is the Training Your Cat guide, where you will be able to discipline and how to build an obedient cat. A cat always needs more guidance than dogs. With this guide, you will see how easy it is. 

The third book is a Nutrition guide that enhances their vitality, strength and deals with chronic lethargy or fatigue.

And finally, the ultimate bonus which you will receive free lifetime updates with all news about cat behaviour and cats communication.

The Cat Language Bible Cons

The package comes with four bonus guides to help you maximize your new cat language abilities, but it does not have a video which might help to listen to examples of cat’s sound. However, as all cats are different, the sounds they make are also different, so I don’t think this would be a barrier to buy the book compared to so many positive teachings we will get.

The book and the bonus guides should be enough to teach us how to learn our feline language.




In my opinion, The Cat Language Bible is a must-have for all cat lovers. It is a definite and essential step to understanding your cat 100% and especially in cases that you don’t know if your cat is sick or just energetic.

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