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Learn how healing with music through meditation can help you understand how to manifest your desires.

If you have never manifested through sound, you are missing out! Sound healing has been a form of therapy for centuries, dating as far back as ancient Greece.

Music is not something we discovered, it’s something that has always been a part of us and we use it to express ourselves, entertain, and celebrate.

It’s also used for meditation and manifestation! But before we get into that, let’s discuss what sound healing is and learn as much as we can about it.

What Is Sound Healing?

Sound healing is a method that dates back to ancient Greece. Philosophers, including Plato, used sound healing because they found it positively affected their emotions and souls.

Today, we continue to use sounds in medicine and as a spiritual growth tool. Sound healing is an alternative to modern medicine and there’s some evidence that suggests that using sound to heal is effective for our emotional and mental health.

This healing method consists of using music to improve our health and it positively impacts many aspects of life, including social, mental, and emotional health, and cognitive development.

Sound healing is super versatile because you can either listen to music, sing, or create music by playing instruments.

The Healing Properties of Sound (music)

Sound creates waves. These waves then reach our ears and are converted to energy that triggers a response from our brains.

Sound waves travel through our bodies and because they’re made of energy, they cause the release of hormones and also alter our emotions.

Listening to music gives us a dopamine boost, which is a happy hormone that provides feelings of satisfaction and pleasure.

Music also releases oxytocin, a natural painkiller. This is why sound is so healing and why it’s an effective healing method.

Tools You Can Use in Sound Healing

There are many different tools you can use to take advantage of using sounds for healing.

Each tool creates sound waves at different frequencies, which means they all have a different interaction with our individual energy field.

For example, some sound healing tools will resonate with our chakras while others will have an influence on our aura. Some of the most popular sound healing tools include:

Singing Bowls 

Singing bowl for sound healing

Singing bowls are a kind of bell that produces a deep tone through vibration and they’re known for their healing properties.

They promote relaxation as well and they’re used by Buddhist monks for meditation and wellness practitioners including yoga therapists, massage therapists, and music therapists.

To produce the vibrations, the singing bowl can be struck with a mallet or you can simply run the mallet around the rim.

Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal singing bowl

Crystal singing bowls, often used in sound therapy, are also referred to as quartz singing bowls.

The vibrations created by crystal singing bowls are believed to affect our organs and cells, and they can positively charge our state of consciousness and brainwave frequency.

This kind of bowl is struck and used for singing and it can help us align with a single chakra to balance specific energy inside you.



Gongs, instruments in Asian culture, also found in European orchestras, resonate with diverse musical traditions.

Renowned for its sound healing properties, it emits vibrations that release trapped energy, enhancing overall energy circulation within the body.

Ghanta and Dorje

vajra Dorje Bell

Ghanta (wisdom) and Dorje (compassion) is a kind of bell and it’s indispensable in Tantric Buddhism where it’s used for healing, meditation, and powerful prayer.

You can strike it, clack it, or run the mallet around the rim to produce healing, soothing, and calming vibrations.

These are only a few of the most common sound healing instruments and they’re easy to use.

Now, let’s see how you can use sound healing to manifest the life of your dreams and connect with the universe.

Sound as a Tool for Manifestation 

Sound is powerful in many ways, so it’s not shocking how much it can help our manifestation efforts.

It’s a great tool for manifestation because it can increase our intentions and allow us to reach higher frequencies.

The secret is to set clear intentions and be in sync with what you want to manifest.

As you can imagine, each frequency has a different effect on our bodies, which means they offer different purposes in manifestation.

Here’s a list of frequencies and how you can use them for manifestation:

  • 396 HZ. You can use it to manifest pain out of your life and welcome happiness.
  • 417 HZ. You can use it to manifest changes in your life and let go of traumatic experiences.
  • 528 HZ. You can use it to sync in with nature and repair your DNA.
  • 638 HZ. You can use it to manifest the best version of yourself towards someone else, release anger, and promote empathy.
  • 741 HZ. You can use it to manifest creativity and develop your self-expression.
  • 852 HZ. You can use it to manifest a stronger spiritual state.
  • 963 HZ. Known as the frequency of God, you can use it to empower your inner child and manifest hope and laughter.

When you use these frequencies in manifestation, it will be like entering a meditation state. The difference is that your intentions will be amplified thanks to the use of sound healing and its tools.

The Power of Sound in Manifestation 

Healing Music Manifestation
Entering a meditation state

Sound, especially in the form of music, brings a lot of power into your manifestation effort.

First, it intensifies your emotions, which can increase your feelings of gratitude and help you attract more things to be grateful for.

The music you love forms associations in your brain, aiding memory recall. Creating positive associations with music enhances manifestation efforts, fostering a profound impact on feelings and outcomes.

According to science, music fires up a distinct set of neurons in our brains, which are only related to music.

That means these neurons are not engaged with any other kind of noise. There’s plenty of scientific evidence that shows that music can trigger memories, even in patients with Alzheimer’s.

Not long ago, scientists used to think only classical music could improve brain function. Today, it has been proven that any kind of music can improve brain function, have a positive effect on one’s health, and even help use store new memories.

Of course, the best type of music for you is the type you personally enjoy and like to listen to.

Music as a Tool for Manifestation

We can use music For Meditation
Music for Manifestation

You can use music to give your manifestation a boost. All you have to do is play the music you love while you’re engaging in visualization.

Listening to music during that time will help you store your visualizations and desires as memories.

That will make it easier for your brain to believe that the things you desire have already happened and it will help your manifestation greatly.

Favorite music embeds in memory, facilitating easier recollection due to associated emotions and connections formed.

If you’re trying to find the perfect song for your manifestation practice, go with songs that have a faster tempo and a melody that’s catchy and easy to remember.

As long as you like it, it will improve your efforts.

Step-By-Step Guide to Using Sounds for Manifestation

Using sounds for manifestation is not at all difficult and you have a ton to gain from it.

To help you get started, here’s a quick and easy step-by-step guide to sound manifestation:

  1. Choose a sound healing tool and prepare it for your manifestation practice. Sounds for healing system - Sounds for Manifestation
  2. Find a quiet place that’s clean and comfortable.
  3. Sit still and take a few moments to align yourself.
  4. Set your intentions and hold them while playing your sound healing tool.
  5. When you find yourself in a relaxed state, allow your heart to expand and visualize what you want to manifest into your life.
  6. Resonate with your desires and build a visualization that’s full of emotions.
  7. Enter a state of gratitude while you play your sound healing tool or sing so you can boost your gratitude.

We recommend you make a habit of this! Like everything else in life, manifestation takes conscious practice. We recommend you do this every day at whatever time of the day is most convenient for you.

Integrating sound healing and manifestation into your daily life will bring you a lot closer to the things you desire. Additionally, this practice will allow you to relax and connect with yourself, something that’s very important.

When you use sound properly, you can unlock your inner power and reach a higher frequency that will allow you to change your life for the better.

Take the time to align with your mind, body, and soul. I wish that everything you desire comes into your life!

To help you unlock your inner power and reach a higher frequency, align your mind, body and soul to the tune of your deepest desires I highly recommend the Sacred Sound For Healing System.

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