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Soft Toys – But not what you expect – Not The Standard Teddy Toys

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Not what you expect - Not your standard teddy toys - Cooker set
Source: www.weavinghope.co.uk/

Soft Stuffed Toys, cute, soft, cuddly, big or small, they are adorable. I remember having a collection that I left in my home country where we need to collect the empty milk carton and exchange for cute soft stuffed toys (farm-animals). This was a huge trend in Brazil years ago… Well, I left my collection there and God knows what happened to them…. But it cannot be compared to the diversity of soft stuffed toys and other things we can find in the market today. If you are a crafter the options of materials available are immense and unimaginable.

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Well, I am not talking just about your every day “teddy toys”, I am talking about creative ideas, drawings from our children that are transformed into a real toy, the imaginable pattern, colour, fabric and the ones that we just want to cuddle, the ones that we want as a decoration in our room, something that really makes us feel we want to squeeze or get hold of them.

I came across these amazing ideas of soft stuffed toys that I want to share with you. The items below range from toys made out of socks to incredible dolls for a more experienced crafter and other amazing soft “things” that you just want to hug.  There are even amazing realistic stuffed animals that look so real you can hardly tell the difference.

Here are 9  inspirational ideas and possibilities to get you to want to start soft toys making at home especially if you love making handmade things from waste material.

1. Soft Stuffed  Toys made out of Socks 

Soft Stuffed Toys made out of Socks
Source: Budget Hobby

Fascinating world of making soft toys with socks. This video  by Budget Hobby shows how to make special characters with socks. It is amazing and very creative! 

Budget Hobby soft bunnies
Source: thewhoot.com

From soft bunnies that you can find here to soft kangaroos here

Soft stuffed toys by Craft Passion
Source: Craft Passion

Amazing artists, creative and skilled people that just love to produce this little or big creatures to make our life more bearable when sometimes we just want a cuddle….. Squishables are an example of this, unimaginable creatures, fruits and other things to squeeze.

Their website is also very interesting as it has a drop-down menu where you can choose “what you want to hug” to find whatever you fancy.  The options available range from an avocado to a ghost or from an Alien to a Zombie. It is just fabulous. As a cat fan, I would love to hug the Fortune Cat… it is so squishable… if I am lucky enough they might send me one to review  😉 …

Cuddly toys by Squishable
Source: www.squishable.com

2. Weaving Hope – Soft Stuffed Toys – Imaginative Play

Soft toy baking set
Source: www.weavinghope.co.uk
Soft toys - Cooker and pan set
Source: www.weavinghope.co.uk

Fair Trade hand dyed and hand woven cotton toys that takes your imagination out of this world. They are cute and so adorable. Perfect option to replace plastic toys. You can find Waving Hope products here.

3. Soft Stuffed toys – Kits 

Make handmade things from waste material kit
Source: www.homemakermagazine.co.uk

I bought this magazine that came with 2 kits with the templates printed in the fabric so you just to cut it off and sew it.  See my owl and dog that I made with the magazine kit  here.

The magazine is full of ideas. If you want to make the other options shown in the magazine, you need to go their website and download the templates and also buy your own fabric or up cycling the ones you already have. Its’ also another project ideal for those who make handmade things from waste material.

4. Cloth Dolls

dolls by janhorrox.co.uk
Source: janhorrox.co.uk
Stuffed doll by janhorrox.co.uk
Source: Etsy.co.uk

These dolls deserves a chapter on its own.  Jan Horrox is an incredible artist that produces these amazing cloth dolls. She also sells templates and kits and run workshops. The heads are gorgeous and Jan also sells a stamp to print the outline face details  onto the fabric so we can colour the doll’s face as we wish. The five fingered hands are so delicate and perfect. Once you mastered how to make the body and head then you can  try your own style as  standing or seated doll, fairies, mermaids, witches or anything that comes from your imagination.

I am ordering Jan’s book and will challenge myself and I will try to make some of these marvellous dolls and I will post here.

Dolls clothing
Clothes for you stuffed dolls

Get Jan Horrox book here >>> Introduction to Making Cloth Dolls

5. Felt Dolls

Source: My Felt Doll book by Shelly Down
Using felt to make a handmade doll
Source: My Felt Doll book by Shelly Down

Just got this book and felts today!!!! Excited to make this cute dolls myself!!! The book is gorgeous and contains 12 full size doll patterns and 40 accessories. This book has been  inspired by fairy tales, vintage children’s books and Japanese kawai style.

The instructions seems very simple to follow. I love all of them but these two are my favourites:

Felt Doll stuffed toy
Source: My Felt Doll book
My felt Doll book
Source: My felt Doll book

I choose a pattern from the book and gave my own twist. See my first felt doll here.

6 – Books

Quilt & Sew Country Style Soft Stuffed Toys

Quilt & Sew Country Style Soft Stuffed Toys
Source: www.amazon.co.uk

Get your copy here >>> Quilt & Sew Country Style

Soft Stuffed Toys:  25 cute friends

Soft Stuffed Toys - Cuddly
Source: Amazon.co.uk

Get you copy of ‘Make Your Own Soft Toys’ here >>> Make Your Own Soft Toys

8- Baby Hug Sleep Floor Pillow

Amazing and creative idea to be used not just a pillow but as a decoration and while they are sleeping we can craft!!! Happy Hugging!

Baby Hug Sleep Floor Pillow
Source: Pinterest

Get your adorable baby pillow here >>> Grifil Zero Elephant Plush Toy Extra Large Size Animal Plush Doll Toy Grey 24 inch

9- Drawings transformed into a plushie

A plushie toy for you

Crayola Imaginables bring drawings to life. Children grow but you might keep some of their drawings and toys…. Well, at least I do.  You will then realise that the childhood moments are kept in photos while your little boy is preparing to move to Uni to discover new horizons and his own path…

While the memories of their childhood popping up in your mind as they are taking the train and wave goodbye,  you fell proud that you inspired and let them follow their dreams.

Transforming a drawing into a plushie will keep the memory of the childhood alive, or give as a gift.. What about having your own drawings transformed into something that you always wanted as a child?

Transforming a drawing into a plushie toy

Let your imagination drive you to a world of soft cuties that will bring you memories, make you feel good just hugging them or explore skills that you never thought you had.

Here’s the perfect chance for those of you who want to make handmade things from waste material. So, go find all those bits and boobs, off cuts fabric, old clothes, ribbons, buttons, embellishments and anything else that are hidden at the back of your drawers, in the loft, in your children’s storage… time to create!

Happy Hugging and Keep Crafting!

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