Salvador Dali Tour in Spain

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Salvador Dali museum is impressive and enigmatic. My love for Salvador Dali’s work inspired me to visit the places he lived. I wanted to be close to his incredible mind, not to understand but to immerse myself in the renaissance style, versatile imagination and surrealist visionary artist ahead of his time. In his museum you can find his incredible and surreal paintings as The persistence of memory”.

From the Salvador Dali’s Museum website I gathered all information to plan my trip and get my museums tickets. So, if you are thinking on embarking in an experience to fulfill your soul, see at the end of this post my journey plan and the link to the Museums. It is recommended to buy tickets to the museums in advance.

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Gala-Dali Castle – Pubol

The tour started at Gala-Dalí Castle of Púbol. Dalí met Gala in 1929 (his muse and so loved wife) and bought the castle in 1969 and refurbished into a very romantic place or great beauty where Dali  could visit Gala only by hand-written invitation from her. You can still feel the love into the walls….

Salvador Dali Tour in Spain

The serenity in this place is pleasant. Spain is hot but in this place, full of trees and green you feel refreshed after travelling and you just want to be there… It is captivating.

Salvador Dali Castle

When Salvador Dali had come to terms with the seriousness Gala’s condition, he built a crypt complemented by a mysterious garden with mythological creatures.

The Castle was later transformed into  Salvador Dalí’s last studio and the vault of his muse.

Travelling to Salvador Dali’s House in Portlligat, near Cadaques there is Roses, an enchanted place…


Salvador Dali’s House – Portilligat

Salvador Dali lived in a fisherman’s hut and the house expanded through the years into a striking labyrinthine structure, including his studios where he produced most of his masterpieces.

Visiting his house is an experience where we can dream and immerse ourselves into a reality of its own.

The beautiful interconnection between the landscape and the house appears to have blossomed from the amazing nature itself.

Amazing views from the top of the house.

Salvador Dali Portiligat

This is outside Dali’s house in Portiligat. A small village with little shops where we can relax and wait for our time to get inside according to our ticket booking time.

Salvador Dali's studio

Dali’s studio. One of the places where his marvellous ideas came to life to fascinate us.

Salvador Dali's house Portiligat

Every single corner has his signature mind and objects chosen by Gala. So many things to see and get inspired.

Everything designed by Salvador Dali. This is the patio area. Just beautiful!

From the top of the house where you can see the “egg” which is one of Dali’s symbolism he uses in many of his works and paintings. You can see the connection between his famous Painting Metamorphosis of Narcissus and the location of this specific egg. You can read more about this painting at Tate Gallery.

The house is kept as it should. Everything is stunning and clean.

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Salvador Dali Museum & Jewels – Figueres

Salvador Dali Museum & Dali’s Jewels in Figueres is exclusive space. You cant’ get more close to Dali’s arts than this! If you love museums, this is certainly worth a visit.

To enjoy it fully you would need to let go of your ego, judgement and anything else that do not serve you.

Let yourself dive in this magnificent surreal space and live it all. Dream and feel you are having a lucid dream… , enjoy every single room and immerse yourself in the paints, sculptures, drawings, objects and jewellery.

It is a chronological display of Dali’s life and creations and it contains the largest collection of his works.

The Theatre Museum is the place where Dali decided to be buried.

The Theatre Museum accommodate the majority of Dali’s works in the world.

See below some of pictures I took:

Picture below: Roses to Figueres…

Journey map plan:

I particularly like to drive when I going to new places so I can stop whatever I want and explore the surroundings. The journey took about 2 days.

On the first day we visit Pubol and stayed in a hotel between Pubol and Roses.

The second day we wake up early and travel to Roses, visited Portiligat and Dali’s House then travelled to The Theatre Museum.

I booked the ticket to Dali’s house in Portiligat very early so we could visit the Theatre Museum in the afternoon.

A visit to Salvador Dali museum to see and get close to his arts is priceless. Take the journey, not just to see his fascinating world but to open up to unimaginable ideas that your mind and eyes are about to discover. 

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Link to the museums and where to get tickets: www.salvador-dali.org



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