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See below the 10 quilling paper ideas to enjoy at home. The list includes projects, best tools, books, kits, and all you need to start your journey in this fabulous craft!

By following the basic quilling techniques, you can make quilling art easy designs to elaborated work as portraits! So, let’s start with the basics.

What is Quilling?

If you are wondering what quilling art is, here is a simple definition: Quilling art is a form of craft where you use strips of paper that is rolled out and create unusual patterns and shapes. Yes, this is the simplest definition for quilling paper art. It is also called paper filigree. As you learn the basics of how to quill paper, you will create anything your imagination leads you.

You need to use a slotted tool or a needle tool to roll the paper strips to make the shapes. You can use any paper really, but there are loads of suppliers that sell kits, lovely and different papers with natural colours and patterns. It can be transformed into anything your imagination takes.

Click on the picture below to get your essential quilling tools.

Best Quilling Tools


Quilling Tools
Quilling Tools


Learn to make a bridal bouquet with Lia Griffith
Learn to make a bridal bouquet with Lia Griffith

If you want to start right from the beginning and learn how to quill paper, you need to use the correct tools.

As with any type of craft or art, using the correct tools will make a difference on how to quill paper correctly, which is the key to achieve the best finish results.

As I mentioned before, you will need a slotted tool. You can start with just one size, but sometimes kits are the best value than buying it separately to suit different size paper strips.

Metal Slotted Quilling Paper Tool
Metal Slotted Quilling Paper Tool Paper Origami Paper Quilling Rolling Pen

A simple slotted tool measurement: groove depth 6.6mm and suit for 3mm to 10mm quilling paper strips.

  • Lengthened Slotted Tool: Groove depth 8mm, lengthened 40mm in the top, for making Special shapes.
  • Deep Groove Slotted Tool: Groove depth 9mm, suit for quilling paper strips Wider than 10mm.
  • Widened Slotted Tool: for thick paper and several glued strips, stretched out a variety of shapes.

Quilling Board Tool

This board is an absolute must to have as there are loads of holes to fix the pins, so you have much more freedom to create your designs.  Very easy to use by designing the paper quilling shapes and sizes by adding the pins in the corresponding holes then pass the paper between the pins to make the shape you want. Click the picture above to buy your quilling board and start making your lovely quilling designs.


Quilling Kit for Beginners

Complete Quilling Kit
Complete All in One Quilling Kit
365 Quilling Project
365 Quilling Project – One project a day








Quilling Paper – Click here to get yours from Etsy.

These kits are the best in the market at the moment. With the 365 Quilling Project kit, you can make something different each day of the year. There are 365 quilling projects and includes more than 4,800 paper strips printed front and back with brilliant colours and coiling Wand.  You can create earrings, necklaces,  framed art and whatever you want! There is also a quilling tool included, so this could be an excellent gift for someone looking for a unique new craft.

The complete quilling kit has all the fantastic tools you need, including an electric slotted rolling paper pen which helps to roll a paper in seconds. It also includes 740 strips, width 3mm 5mm 10mm, a storage box.

You can choose the project that you fancy and take a piece of white card stock and play with it.  For example, January first is martini glass. If you can’t wait to see the other projects, just click on the picture and get yours before it is sold out!

The Body Shop
The Body Shop

Paper Quilling Ideas for Beginners – Quilling Art 


10 Best Quilling Paper Idea

1. Edge Paper Quilling

2. Miniature Food.

Are you looking for ideas for papercraft projects? What about making paper quilling food miniatures?

3. Frame Borders quilling ideas

Here you can get some creative

Here are some amazing Paper Quilling ideas to create photo frames. 

4. Paper Quilling Monogram Letters

These are my favourite paper, quilling project. I love any craft that uses monogram letters and words. We can make photo frames, cards book covers, anything really.

Below are two ideas: both use a letter frame. In one project, we add the quilling rolls inside the frameβ€”the other on the outside.

Both have amazing results. Learn how to make the quilling letter frame watching the video below.

Quilling Monogram Letter – Inside the frame


Personalized rainbow name sign – 3d paper quilling art

Click here to get yours from Etsy!!

Quilling Monogram Letter – Outside the frame



5. Paper Quilling Flowers



6. Paper Quilling Jewellery

7. Quilling Paper Tutorial 

Here you have an inspirational tutorial on how to make a tree.

8. Quilling Portrait

I love all the colours, shapes and imaginative way of using quilling paper. Note how many paper quilling shapes are in this work.

9. Quilling cutting

What about cutting quilling paper? Well, you can cut by hand; however, there are amazing machines that can do the work for you as the shredder, for example. And believe it or not, you can cut papers with a pasta machine! In fact, a pasta machine is a fantastic tool for crafters! Click here to see the amazing things you can do with Polymer Clay using a pasta machine.

Pasta Machine for Crafts
Pasta Machine for Crafts

If you have a pasta machine, watch the video below to learn how to cut your papers and use it in your quilling paper ideas and projects.

10. Paper quilling square shape tutorial

Qa more advanced project however practising the basics and using the correct tools I am sure you can achieve great results as on the example below.


Best Quilling Art Book 

The Best Quilling Art book
The Best Quilling Artbook




If you want to learn the best techniques of quilling in a contemporary style, the book by Sena Runa has the best quilling paper ideas, and it recommended. With 20 projects including a butterfly, sailboat, dancer, heart, cat, and mermaid, it appeals to beginners and experienced crafters. A step by step illustrated book and easy to follow for all ages.

Think about creating your own and unique gifts for friends and family and decorations for your house, cards for anniversaries, weddings invitations and graduations memories. The possibilities are endless, and the joy in the making is indescribable.







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