Feng Shui Guide for Beginners – Feng Shui Colours and Decoration

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Learn all you need to know about Feng Shui in this easy to read and interesting book.


-Feng Shui for Finances and make money
-Feng Shui Tips for Career
-Feng Shui Colors to change your life
-Decorating Tips for Wealth and Happiness with Feng Shui

If you want to learn Feng Shui and make changes in your life this is a book for you. Learning how to balance the energies in the environment you live is not just helpful but satisfying.

Sometimes just to change a sofa to another corner of the room or change the colour of your curtains can make a huge difference in the people’s mood.

Learn how to work with colours and adding objects that no one will notice that you are working with Feng Shui.



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