Potty Training 3 Day Method Reduced To One Day

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Is it possible to potty training in a day? Well, if you are tired of trying different methods of potty training or exhausted to listen to “opinions” and “suggestions”, that you might even never asked for, this is a post for you. This will show you how to reduce the potty training 3-day method to just one day.

While potty training might be causing you distress and you might feel that you are never going to accomplish it, be sure that this is just another phase in a child’s development that will eventually pass.

So, before you continue reading, you might want to go and grab a cuppa, or wine, just to relax for a few minutes while you are reading this post. So, grab it, I will wait for you.

Potty Training Problems

I am not going to talk about the basic issues of having to clean floor, carpets and spend lots of money in nappies but the emotional and sometimes the root of the problem that might be easier to resolve than you think.

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Some issues can be related to change in routine, family or if they start going to nursery. Maybe you will go back to work full time and need someone to help out carrying for your child. So the child will need to adapt to someone new if you do not have a family member to help. But, hey, do not feel guilty because of that. People work and children can adapt to new routines. 

If you work full time and just see your child at the end of the day, just having an amazing time when you are with your child is everything you both need. Why not potty training in the evening? You do what is best for you and your family! It is not about the rules that other people create!

Don’t feel guilty

Potty Training baby crying

You could try to get someone to help you with the potty training (someone that you are not going to be annoyed with, of course) or use your weekends and free time.  Start this new chapter in your child’s life as early as you can and when you feel they are ready.

If you are trying to potty training a 3 years boy who refuses to do, it is completely normal! It is important to remain calm and, at the same time, firm in your approach. Whatever method you choose, do not give up and focus on what you want to achieve.

I am not saying that you should sit a child on a potty and hold them there by force. This is definitely is not going to work!

Think about when “you” go to the toilet. Would you be able to do what you need to do if someone forces you? Won’t you be so nervous that it would not happen?

Think about this for a moment.

parents and potty training methods

Age to Start Potty Training

Everyone develops at different times, however, there are developmental milestones checklist and you if are really concerned you should consult a doctor who will advise if there is a problem.

But don’t forget that we are “unique” and remember that worries and stress will not help the child or you. That is why parents should not worry at what age should a child be fully potty trained. If you are consistent and not give up they will get rid of the nappies quicker than you thought. 

The main problem, that most families experience is that parents/carers think they are not doing their jobs and their child should potty trained at the age of their friends, brothers or sisters.

The information out there is that the average age for potty training is around 27 months. This can be less or more and that’s why is “average”. So anything from 18 months to 3 years old would be the “norm” if you follow this. However, do not think that you are not good enough if your child still use nappies at 4 years old as it maybe that you need to try different methods or try when “you” are calmer.


Potty training in a day

How to Start Potty Training

Children are like sponges, they absorb everything around them, specially our mood and feelings. So if you are positive and calm the changes of getting their butt out of the nappies quickly will increase dramatically!

How to potty train is a routine and children learn through routine: repeating and practicing. Any method that you try, you need to be consistent and repeat the training as many times it is needed until they are completely independent to go to use the potty or go to the loo. It is possible to potty training in a day, 3 or a week, it depends on how consistent and calm you are when training your child.

Teaching children how to behave, how to eat with a spoon, how to get dress, how to read, etc will need patient from parents/carer. This is our role, to be there for someone that needs us, to encourage and to teach them how to be independent as much as possible but in their own time. So, enjoy every moment.

Be Calm – this is the most important tip you can get

twins potty training

There are loads of methods out there, and you might have tried all with no results. Well, do not feel guilty. Parents did not born with a “guide book”! we learn to be parents and we adapt to our children. No parents are the same. Some methods of whatever you teach your children might not work for everyone but works for you!

Even when teaching a child how to read, there are many methods, but if you not introduce books to your children early, the chances of learning to read quick could be different than those that have introduced books, have read with their children when they are young, as specially before they start school but this is a subject for another post. What I am trying to say is that potty training is not magic but if you simplify and go back to basics your child will be potty trained with no time!

The essential and “basic” tip for successfully potty training is to be calm. Yep, this is the most important hence the most difficult part for a parent in this situation. But it helps a lot.

age to start potty training

How to Potty Training a Toddler

There are loads of free information online, books and different methods as “potty training in 3 days”,  free videos and free “friends and family experts” ready to give you a tip but this is your child not theirs and you know your child better than anyone.

The issue here is not “how to potty training”, is “how to get your child out of nappies” whatever method you use!

Did you know that loads of children not even use a potty? they go straight from the nappies to the toilet, of course with a reduced seat, see example below. They love the parent’s approach as showing the child how to sit in the big toilet as their mum and dad. So, it is a matter of looking at the situation from another angle. It is easy to potty training in a day if you really want to.

Some other methods used are let your child naked all day, or let them ask for nappies when they “feel” the need. These methods might work for you or might not.

What works for others might not work for you

One method that works for lots of people (and for me) is let the child in clothes until the feeling to go to toilet happen. The child will start asking for nappy. They were used to wear nappies when they need to evacuate. Therefore at the beginning of this method, the child wears nappies “just” when they “need”. There will be a lots of accidents of course but this is obviously expected and part of the potty training and get rid of nappies.

Slowly, the child would start to feel the difference and how good is “not to wear nappies”! and gradually the transition to the potty or loo happen.

I would like to recommend a simple and easy book that you can read in just 30 minutes to give you more confidence to move forwards. This book explain the method of potty training in a day. It is fun and filled with step by step instructions. Click link here to learn more.

See below some suggestions for child toilet seat training:

Example of child toilet seat training

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Don’t be afraid to try different approaches. Potty training in a day is a method that works for many people and it is very simple.

I am sure that in years ahead you will remember this phase and you both be laughing together.

“Enjoy this phase and make the most of your time with your little one. They grow very fast and these moments will be just memories”

mother and toddler

Love x


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