Are you looking for all in one polymer clay tutorials that will speed your progress to make your own jewelry? 

Polymer clay is an amazing medium to help you relax and at the same time you can use your imagination and make beautiful things that you can also sell!?? So, keep reading to find out more or to go straight to my tutorials page click here

Polymer Clay Bracelet tutorials For Beginners
Flexible bracelet

The bracelet on the picture above is so simple to make once you learn how to make the beads.

Start right at the Beginning

We develop and improve our skills with practice as anything in life. I, for example was fascinated by these colorful jewelry that I was seeing online. I was wondering how they were made as I wanted to do myself.  There was no tutorials available that would teach me everything at from beginning to end. I lost precious time trying to figure it out myself… so I decided to put together a tutorial that will teach all you need to know to complete a whole project.  All essential information are included in my tutorials.

Once you start “playing with clay” your imagination will take over and ideas will just pop out of your head. As you master the basic skills you can create your own designs. 

Black and White Polymer Clay Necklace
black and white polymer clay necklace by Lia Spragg

Starting a project and get stuck in the middle because you don’t know the next step is frustrating. I am sure you will prefer to avoid this and speed up your learning skills.

Have your questions answered at once at the beginning will really save time.  If you would your like to sell your own jewelry it is important that your jewelry has a professional finished look. It will also sell more. This you will get with practice and with the right techniques. So don’t give up. Enjoy the process and let your imagination lead you.

Rose and Silver Polymer clay beaded necklace

Learn How to Make Polymer Clay Beads

When we are trying to learn a new skill, specially when there is lots of information online, we can get confused. The information is often spread out in different tutorials or videos and we need to spend lots of time to find exactly what we are looking for. The majority of info out there does not show the vital steps and the tricks that newbies require to progress.

When I started, I couldn’t find the right information that I needed from beginning to end to complete my project. That’s why I decided to create these tutorials so you can make your idea a reality without struggling. So, all you need to know in one tutorial: “All in One Polymer Clay Tutorial for beginners”

Click here to see my tutorials.

clay beads
Polymer clay beads

Learn a New Craft, Polymer Clay can be therapeutic

If you never used Polymer Clay before, do not feel intimidated as it is a very easy and enjoyable craft to get into. With few techniques you will be able to make lovely pieces as beads, necklaces, jewelry, cover pens and journals, charms, cups and mugs…. there is no limit to your creativity…

Children can join as well with adult supervision when its baking time! 

polymer clay necklace

I would love to help you to start right from the beginning! 

See my list of polymer clay tutorials available in my shop for instant download PDF. All what I would have loved to have known when I started including tips and secrets that will save time and money!

Tutorials by Lia Spragg:

Polymer Clay Tutorial
All in one: Polymer Clay Beginners


How to make polymer clay canes
PC Tutorial


how to bake and not break polymer clay
Bangles Tutorial in Polymer Clay
Rainbow bracelet Polymer Clay Tutorial
Rainbow Bracelet LGBT

All In One  Polymer Clay Tutorial for Beginners

My All in One Polymer Clay Tutorials Beginners Level contain all you need to know to start to learn and to finish a lovely necklace. You do not need to look anywhere else to complete your necklace. Due to the fact that this is a simple and easy polymer clay tutorial to follow, there is no need for a pasta machine but it helps if you have one. 

Learn how to make these polymer clay beads as shown in the picture below step by step. Make your own necklace even if you have never used Polymer Clay before!!!

How to make beads
Polymer clay beads by Lia Spragg

Polymer clay Tips Beginners

If you want to start your clay journey it would be wise to follow clay tutorials so you learn right from the beginning.

In this polymer clay tutorial “All in One for Beginners” I will guide you through each step from choosing clay, how to work with clay for beginners, polymer clay tips and tricks, materials, tools, conditioning, making a cane, making Polymer Clay beads, baking polymer clay and finally assembling your necklace. This tutorial will speed up your learning as you will feel accomplished that you are able to complete a project with just one Tutorial!

All in One Polymer Clay Tutorials for Beginners
Polymer Clay Beginners by Lia Spragg

Instructions Included in my Tutorial “All In One For Beginners”

A complete guide with more than 80 pictures in 28 pages as:

Introduction and choosing Polymer Clay and how to use polymer clay
• Materials & Tools
• Conditioning Polymer Clay
• Making Polymer Clay Beads 
• Introduction to Polymer Clay Canes 
• Using Translucent Clay
• How to make Polymer Clay Beads and end caps beads
• How to bake Polymer Clay Beads
• Assembling a Polymer Clay Necklace

translucent polymer clay beads tutorial
beads polymer clay

How to Make Polymer Clay Canes Tutorial for Beginners

The tutorial “How to Make Canes for Beginners” is another introductory step by step tutorial about Polymer Clay Canes to understand why making canes is one of the most important polymer clay techniques. You can enhance your skills and create amazing patterns for your jewelry. It can also improve your chances to sell your products in addition to increase your sales. The canes in this tutorial in fact are quite organic and there is no need for precision without stressed out to try to get the lines straight. This consequently is perfect for newbies.

Please Note: The instructions in this tutorial are included on my tutorial “All in one” above, and if you need information about conditioning, baking etc please consider get the “All in One” tutorial instead.

Polymer Clay Canes Tutorial for Beginners


Metallic Flexible Polymer Clay Bangles – All Level Artists

how to bake and not break polymer clay
Bangles Tutorial in Polymer Clay

Learn the main secret of baking-curing your clay and not breaking! This tutorial is for beginners to advanced as I will guide you through step by step the instructions, full of pictures for easy understanding. Its an additional technique for the intermediate to advanced level artists. 

Clay Bangles
Metallic Flexible Polymer Clay Bangles
Metallic Bangle
Three Colors Metallic Flexible Polymer Clay Bangle

My Polymer Clay Tutorials are available at Etsy: Craft Eye Gifts.

Polymer Clay Rainbow Bracelet with Magnetic Clasp

lgtb bracelet
rainbow bracelet

Learn how to make a lovely rainbow bracelet with magnetic clasp. Follow the step by step process to find out how to make the bracelet flexible but that does not break when bending. Secrets, tips and information you need to get it right! 

Rainbow Polymer Clay
Lia Spragg rainbow bracelet

Just to inspire you, see picture below:

Spiritual Violet Bracelet


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