Does Mod Podge Dry Clear – Coffee Table Decoupage Photo Collage Idea

Are you unsure if Mod Podge dries clear?

In this post, I will show you that you can use Mod Podge in large projects. It will dry perfectly clear if you follow the steps below.

This is a photo collage idea where you will learn how to decoupage photos to spruce up your old furniture with your favourite photos.

I love pictures but rarely print them out so I thought it would be nice to have more pictures of the family displayed around the house.

I really like the old white simple coffee table I bought from Ikea years ago but over time the tabletop suffered wear and tear and has blistered in some areas as you can see on pictures below:

coffee table refurb | revamp decoupage furniture ideas

Taking a closer look, the paint has lifted exposing the MDF under…

upcycling coffee table

As the only issue with the table is the top,  I decided to recover and create a photo collage instead of buying a new coffee table. It will also be an excuse for me to use this versatile decoupage technique that I enjoy so much.

It is also a great way to spruce up a piece of old furniture and save money instead of spending more money and most importantly prevent more trash to pollute the world.

How to Decoupage Photos

I think technology is good but sometimes we rely on it too much. In recent years we are uploading all our pictures and precious moments online or memory cards.

We do not print and display our photos or keep albums as we use to.

Sometimes the new generation doesn’t know that “photo albums” even exist or did not have the pleasure to gather together with family and friends and spend hours going through all albums.

These are precious moments of the past that unfortunately we are no longer sharing.

I love technology, don’t get me wrong!! but I miss these “family times” moments with my granny…

Here you will learn how to use your precious photos and bring your best memories to life.

Learning how to decoupage is a great skill to use to upcycle all most anything such as furniture and objects like vases, boxes for example. 

Well, let’s have some fun and transform these memories into something unique which would hopefully be an opportunity to get these moments back into our “Tech life” in a different way.

To get started simply follow the project below.  I also added a video at the end of this post.

The Project

Materials I used:

Measuring the Coffee Table:

I am using the foam board to add the photo collage. As the foam board comes in small sheets, smaller than the table we need to use two boards. So I need to find the middle measurement of my coffee table.

coffee table refurbish

Measuring the Foam Boards:

I start by cutting two boards the same size to cover the table.

measuring the foam board | coffee table revamp project

Use a cutting mat as we didn’t want to damage the table more than it was already…

craft board

Cutting the foam board with a craft knife and using a ruler and keep craft knife straight.

using the craft knife

Now we have to pieces of foam board which will cover the table perfectly:

cutting the board

I will add the boards with duck tape so I can bend to make it easy to work on it when doing the photo collage and decoupage. I will be also able to store if later I decide to change it for something else.

Adding a duck tape to the foam boards:

I put some magazines to hold it in place.

foam boards in decoupage project

Applying the duck tape.

applying duck tape on foam board

Now I can bend it as planned!

foam board

Foam Boards Frames:

The frame foam boards will be around the table and in the middle which will sustain a toughen glass that I just ordered.

It will be easy to move around and remove the board as I did not attach the pictures straight on the table. I can make another board or create something different under the glass if I decide in the future.

Just measuring the board frames that will go on top of the board to sustain the glass top.

foam boards decoupage

The frame boards are 3.5 cm wider and the length is the same as the coffee table length.

  • Cut 4 frames for the outside (around the table) and 2 for the inside.
cutting foam boards frames | decoupage with photos project

Choosing the Photos:

I chose my favourite photos and print them using in an inkjet printer (normal paper) and I tear off using my hands around the boards instead of using a scissor.

Photo collage

Time to Decoupage – Mod Podge Ideas

Does Mod Podge Dry Clear

Does Mod Podge Dry Clear

Spread Mod Podge on the board and behind the photo. Place it on the board and stick the picture smoothly,  Take care and avoid making wrinkles or bubbles, so do not rush it. Enjoy the process. Mod Podge is an amazing product to use in decoupage and in many other crafts especially to spruce up old furniture.

using mod podge

After that, spread Mod Podge on the top of the photo and around covering the whole picture especially around the boards.

photo collage decoupage

Adding photos as which covering the boards. It is OK if the pictures go over the marking board as it will be covered with a foam frame.

Coffee Table Decoupage Project

I carefully placed the board on to the tabletop then I applied small dabs of glue to all four corners of the table to prevent the board from moving.

photo collage | coffee table


Does Mod Podge dry clear?

Yes! It looks thick in the bottle, however, Mod Podge dries clear if you apply with several layers instead of one thick layer.

The secret is to give time to dry between each layer around 10 – 15 minutes depending on the size of your project and the weather.

See other Mod Podge ideas here.

Adding the Foam Board frames:


using E600 glue | photo collage decoupage project

I applied glue to the foam board to secure the borders.

photo collage

Adding the Toughen Glass:

using toughen glass up cycling coffee table

I ordered toughen glass because it is stronger and safer.

photo collage decoupage placing the glass top

Now I gently placed the glass on the top.

How to Decoupage Photos – Coffee Table Decoupage

photo collage decoupage coffee table project

Maybe this project is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I like the idea to have my pictures displayed on my coffee table. I think it is also a chance to remember the best moments we had and to attract even more of these times.

Let’s give a chance to the Universe to bring more amazing moments in our lives as we will be looking at these pictures every day in our sitting room, so it’s just a little push to focus our minds in good things!

“thoughts become things, if you see in your mind, you will hold it in your hands” (Bob Proctor)

What do you think about this project? Let me know your comments!

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If are still asking weather does mod podge dry clear, watch the video below and see the finished result!


Keep Crafting! ✂