Street Art in Belfast

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Amazing street art in Belfast-Northern Ireland

In August 2017 I visited Belfast. I was astonished with the street art around the city. It is definitely such a grandiosity and impressive work.

Street Art in Belfast

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Street Art in Belfast Northen Ireland

You can see more than 100 pieces of work just walking for 10-15 min around Belfast. They are all very closed to each other and due to their size, off course, you are not going to miss….

Street Art Belfast by Lia Spragg

See below some pictures from this amazing city:

Belfast City Hall

Amazing architecture inside and out! Don’t miss the free exhibition about Belfast history including the Titanic. 

Belfast City by Lia Spragg

Belfast City by Lia Spragg


Belfast City

Belfast historical buildings

Belfast Wall mosaic

Belfast pub

The Big Fish – The Salmon of Knowledge

Belfast the Big Fish

Victoria Square Shopping Center

Victoria Square Shopping Belfast

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Belfast City by Lia Spragg

The picture below is from an article from BBC – Meet the artists claiming Belfast’s streets

street art Belfast
Source: BBC

Celebrating my trip with Guinness… ?


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