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Native American Healing Herbal Remedies – The Power To Heal

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The Native American people believed in the power of herbal treatments and natural medicine.  For them, these native American healing herbal medicines had a spiritual power to heal and would be prescribed and administered by the medicine man or shamans. Native American Healing

The shamans were chosen by the tribe, based on their knowledge and family connections with medicine.

If we compare this tradition to today’s “holistic” world of cures, we can clearly see a connection. 

Mind & Body Connection – The holistic healing

Natural medicine herbal remedies
Mind and Body Connection

When we think about alternative treatments or natural medicine or natural remedies we should first, answer a question: 

Should we take the herbal remedies the same way we take chemical medications?

If we answer yes, we might be assuming that whatever we put inside our bodies has the power to control how our body reacts and we have none. Most never thought differently. The majority perhaps just wait for the medicine to do their job.

The Placebo Effect 

It has been proven by researches that using a placebo can actually show that the individual attitude can change the body to react. Placebo is a substance that appears to be real medical treatment. However, it does not contain any substance that affects our health. Placebo effect meaning is the result of what the person expects “from the treatment” they are receiving. This can cause the body’s chemistry to react and show different symptoms or no symptoms at all.

Regardless of the medical treatment, the relationship between mind and body has a great deal of power and we should take more attention to this.


Native American Healing Herbal Remedies: The Power To Heal

The American Natives performed ceremonies by the healers, the person treated and their families. The ceremonies’ goal was to enhance Shaman’s concentration. This helped the Shaman to diagnose the problem and decide on the correct remedy for the person as a whole. 

Native American Healing Herbal Remedies
Native American Herbs for Healing

Alternative medical practitioners agree that the healing is done by a person who is receiving the treatment and not the medicine itself. 

Our body might be able to heal itself when we expel toxins and fight back diseases with antibodies.  Consequently, if we are healthy, and our body is working harmonically, there is less risk to contract diseases. This is the route of healing. 

It is quite discouraging that in today’s conventional medicine we are inclined to believe that we do not have any power regarding our health. It appears that we have to rely completely on doctors and medications without having any say. What do you think about this?

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Many of you might have experienced a situation that you have asked for a “second opinion”. Maybe before jumping in a drastic treatment or accepting someone’s opinion you had an instintic or a thought to stop and think…

Trust your Instincts – Be in Control 


A couple of years ago, I had to make a very important decision that changed my life forever. My instincts were telling me that I should not make a drastic decision.

This was one of the situations that Meditation really helped me to make a decision. I needed time to think, focus and concentrate on what was important to me at that moment in my life.

Therefore I decided, after clearing my mind to ask for a second opinion. This was the best thing I’ve done. A simple attitude to take control of my decisions and ask for a second opinion that changed my life forever. 


Sometimes the second opinion would be different from the first, maybe similar, maybe better or maybe worse but I when we have other opinions, we have choices so we are in control of our decisions and our life.

This is the big step in the healing process.

Our Immune System – Our inner doctor

Our mind plays an important part in the healing process in harmony with our immune system, our inner doctor that is in charge of our bodies’ defences.

When we understand and look at ourselves as a whole, the healing can start.  This is how holistic medicines are based on, seeing and treating ourselves as a whole. For example, if you have a headache there is always a reason, a root of the pain. Taking just painkillers might minimize the pain however it would not “cure” the cause of the problem. 

Herbs as remedy
Natural Medicine

Understanding our immune system and how we can enhance our ability to boost our bodies’ defence is a great step to our healing process. Taking control of our health does not mean that we have to perform tribal dances or complicated rituals or stop taking our prescribed medicines. 

But we can include meditation and learn how to align your chakras, and use the power of plants and natural medicine that are available to all.

Harmonize your body
Harmonize your Chakras

Herbal medicine and knowledge of preparing our natural remedies have been used for many years with great results. 

Natural Medicine is around us for many years

A simple camomile herbal tea before going to bed or a spoon of honey when you had a sore throat are examples of using herbs and natural medicine. 

Using the power of nature to its full potential to support our immune system to defeat any diseases, bacteria or virus might be something that all of us should consider.

Herbs and plants are growing wild in our gardens, we just need to learn to identify them and learn how to use natural medicine. 

In my article “How to Boost Immune System Naturally – Home Remedies” I explain how you can learn about plants and herbs to heal yourself and make your natural medicines.

We can learn so much from some of these native American healing remedies by taking control and decide to learn how Natural Medicines are important to us. It could be is a huge step into discovering the possibilities and natural healing path.

Home Remedies for immune system
Be in Control

Take care

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