Do you want to know How to Make a Chakra Bracelet with Polymer Clay? Here you will learn how to make this lovely Chakra bracelet. I am sure you will enjoy the process as you will love the results!

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How Make a Chakra Bracelet using polymer clay
Chakra Bracelet by Lia Spragg

You can also use plastic, glass, gemstones or other types of beads instead of Polymer clay. The most important is to use the colors that represent the Chackras.

1- How to make Beads

Polymer clay beads for Chakra Bracelet
Chakra Beads by Lia Spragg

The Chakra Bracelet is made of Rainbow Colours. To know more about and understand the importance of balancing your chakras, read my other post here.


7 Polymer Clay – Fimo Soft – colors: violet, indigo, blue, green, red, orange and yellow 

Glass, Metal or Plastic Beads (around 7) – 10mm and spacer beads are your choice 


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Conditioning Polymer Clay

Pasta Machine for Polymer Clay

Acrylic Roller for Polymer Clay

You can use a pasta machine or an acrylic roller. The clay needs to be conditioned so all particulars are mixed together and your piece will not break after baking.

Polymer Clay Rainbow

Once you have all your colors in a nice sheet you need to make sure all beads are going to be the same size, If you are using a pasta machine, roll all colours in the same number set. If you are using a roller, make sure the sheets are the same thickness.

Cutting the Clay to make the beads

Using a metal cutter

Using a metal or plastic cutter to cut small shapes. It does not need to be a circle it is just to measure the quantity of polymer clay for each bead.

Using a metal cutter to make beads

Rainbow slices of Polymer Clay

For each bead, take three pieces of each colour and make a ball with the palms of your hands. 

Purple Polymer clay

Making the beads

How to Make Polymer clay beads

If you want bigger balls, instead of three pieces add more as you wish but make sure all beads have the same amount of clay so they will be the same size.

Making a hole in a Polymer clay bead

Insert the tooth pick in the middle of the bead until it touches the other end. 

Polymer clay bead

Take the toothpick out and turn the ball to the other side.

Polymer clay blue bead

Insert the tooth pick in the hole to make it wider so you can pass the elastic string after baking.

Baking Polymer Clay Beads

How to bake polymer clay beads

I bake my beads in a folded cardboard sheet. See above.

How to bake beads

Place your beads in the folded cardboard on the top a baking tray (use this tray just to bake polymer clay-do not use for food)

Aluminium tray for Polymer clay

Cover with an aluminium baking tray. There are loads of polymer clay types so always read the pack and follow the instructions on time and temperature. Make sure your oven is correct set or use a oven thermometer. 

I bake my polymer clay at 130 degrees for one hour. 

After baking place the beads in a ball with cold water. 

You can now start to make your jewelry.

Design and choosing beads – How to Make a Chakra Bracelet with Polymer Clay

Measure the size of your wrist. Choose some extra beads that can be glass, plastic, wooden, metal really anything that you like. You can also add two or more beads that you made so you don’t need to add extra/different beads. Be creative, it’s your bracelet so make it the way you want.

Choosing Beads for Chakra Bracelet

elastic cord for Bracelet Choose the other beads and spacer beads to complete the length of your wrist. Mine is about 17cm. Cut the elastic string 4cm bigger than your wrist length so you can make a knot to finish your bracelet.

Start to pass the elastic into the beads. Make sure you secure the end so you don’t let the beads come out while you are adding them.




How to Make a Chakra Bracelet with Polymer Clay

Make a knot with the two ends, cut the remain elastic and try to hide the knot inside the bead.

Polymer Clay Chakra Bracelet
Chakra Bracelet by Lia Spragg


This is how to Make a Chakra Bracelet with Polymer Clay.

If this is your first polymer clay project just as a warning: You might get addicted! Polymer clay is a medium that helps relax while empower your creativity. You can also sell your bracelets! 

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Beaded Bracelet Polymer clay
Beaded Bracelet by Lia Spragg
Elastic Beaded Bracelet
Elastic Beaded Bracelet by Lia Spragg
Pandora bracelet style
Pandora Style Bracelet with Handmade beads by Lia Spragg
European Bracelet Style
Seahorse Bracelet by Lia Spragg
Rose Beaded Handmade Necklace
Beaded Rose Necklace by Lia Spragg
Cuff Bracelet Snake Skin
Cuff Bracelet Snake Skin Style by Lia Spragg

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Namaste. ?

❤ Lia

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