How to use the laws of attraction? Looking for the law of attraction definition or Money Affirmations? Let’s make it easy:

Start thinking about the meaning of the word “attraction”…. what comes to your mind first? attraction

You might have thought in an “attraction” between two people? Yes, this is the principle, but let’s have a look in another example: What do you see in the picture below?


A fridge with magnets. So, let’s think about the force that pull the magnets to the fridge door.   You might have some in your fridge, so think about or try to take out the magnets and stick to the fridge door again and focus on the force between the two objects.

The Law of Attraction could be compared to force that attracts the two objects above. 

How to apply the Law of Attraction?

Well, now that you know about the “force”, you need to have an aim, a goal, a dream… something that you want so you can focus and “use the force” in your favor.

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You might be thinking: How people get rich? How they get so famous or successful from scratch? It’s look so easy for them … Well, if you think about it, they have focus and they go all the way to get what they want. 

So, the first thing it to “know what you want”. Have a goal, have a path. It’s not just saying “I want money” or “I want a husband” or “I want a car”, “I want a job” etc etc. 

Law of attraction

It’s all about believing and focusing in what you want. Even if you do not believe in the Law of Attraction whatever you are believing and focusing you will attract in your life. So, focus in your dreams! Create a list of goals to set for yourself, use the Law of Attraction and Make your dreams a reality. Success, happiness, love, and anything you desire is possible.

A quote from Albert Einstein says: “There are two ways you can live: as if nothing is a miracle or as if everything is a miracle”

Make your dreams a Reality
by Rhett Wesley

I will explain in a very easy way, techniques I used and worked for me, so I hope it will benefit you.

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Firstly let’s think about love. What is love? Have you ever fall in love? I am not just talking about a “love relationship” but the love for anything! It could be anything that you desire.

baby law of attraction
by Joshua Reddekoop


Let’s practice:

This simple exercise is to help you understand and be aware of your feelings and senses: Choose a place where you feel as comfortable as possible with no interruptions. I like to do this sometimes in my bedroom, looking at the window to my garden or going to the park and find a quiet space. It’s easier for me to relax if I am close to nature, so you should try this. In your thoughts and imagination you can make your dreams come true so let’s bring it to your reality!

List of goals to set for yourself
by Joannes Plenio

Let the thoughts come to your mind. Try to think about everything you really want. You might say: “Oh, but I want so many things”, yep, but one of the secrets is to focus, so prioritize what is the number 1 priority for you at this moment. When you realize what it is, focus on the feeling and where exactly it is coming in your body. Keep this moment in your mind.

1. List of Goals to Set for Yourself

Make your dreams a Reality
by Jared Rice

If you focus on one thing at a time, it will be easier to achieve and you will see the results and it will also make you motivated to do it again and again. 

Do you know what you want? If you don’t them how you are going to make it happen? Think, feel your heart:  Is it a new car, a job, a house, to travel, to find love, to go to University, to move to another country? What is your dream?

Wish law of attraction

You might have many dreams, of course but do it step by step. What is more important now? What would open doors to other dreams? Maybe, just an example, you want to buy a house. Well, big dream, you might think… but hey! It’s not impossible, because if you think that you will never be going to get, that’s exactly what will happen because “you are believing that it will not happen”. Got it? A list of Goals to Set for Yourself is what you need to start to make your dreams a reality.

It will be easier to try with something small as buying something that is not too expensive, a small trip, some kind of jewelry, meet someone… Practice the techniques with a small project. Practice makes perfect so the more you do the easier it will get and your brain will start to think in the new positive way and will attract more and more without too much effort. Like learn to ride a bike, once learned you never forget and you ride any bike at any time.

2. Believe in your Dream

law of attraction
by Yoori Koo

Do you want to make your dreams come true? If you don’t believe in your dream who will? Imagine all details, create in your mind, draw, create a board with pictures, anything to help you focus. Sometimes just a few changes in your life or few actions will open doors and help to attract Prosperity, Health, Love, and make your dreams come true! Believe! this is the second secret. Make your dreams a reality!

Do not have doubts that you will accomplish. For now, do not think about “how” you are going to get there, just believe you already have it. This is very important.

Let’s look at the next steps:

3. Feel it with all our your senses

make your dreams come true
by Why Kei

So, let’s go back to your priority. You know what you want and you know the feeling. Keep the feeling and now expand. Look at every single detail of your “dream”, for example: if it is a car that you want, you need to identify which car it is, the make, the model, the color, everything about the car. Go, and do a test drive, seat in the car, feel the steering wheel, feel the seats, is it leather? smell it, touch the car, feel how smoothly it is, turn the radio on, what music is it playing at this moment? turn the car on, listen to the motor, drive it, how do you feel when driving it? Open the window, feel the breeze touching your skin, keep it all in your mind, everything that you experienced in this day. Check the prices and everything else.

The car already exists, it is there, you’ve seen it, you’ve touched it, you’ve felt it, you’ve smelled it, you’ve heard it, you interacted with all your senses. It is real and you want to bring this to your reality and the law of attraction will start to work once you believe it is possible. Of, course it’s not just “wanting” something that it will happen, you need to act but it’s already there so it’s now just a matter of bringing it to you and make your dreams come true!

4. Focus

Focus Law of attraction | List of goals to set for yourself
by Form

When we focus we do things better, we achieve our goal. So we need to break down from the end back to the desire. Think about a football match. What does the team want? To win, of course but what they need to do to win? goals! but there are other players and these are challenges along the way. But the team is focused, they know what they want so they “move around” the challenges that are “other players”. That’s exactly what we need to do. Never let the negative thoughts discourage you and the way to do this is Focus!  Remember the List of Goals to Set for Yourself!

When you are focused and believing you are going to achieve the universe helps you and things start to happen which will make you achieve your goal. Things that you never imagine as you know “attracting” them, you are connected. Make your dreams a reality!

5. Keep your dreams to yourself

secret law of attraction
by Kristina Flour

Yep, a very important one: “shush…. be quiet until you reach your goal”. Well, some people don’t bother with other opinions and keep on track of their dreams no matter what other people think but if you feel demotivated by someone that might tell you: “oh, but you are crazy or it will never happen” so why bother telling them? It’s your dream not theirs. Make your dreams a reality!

6. Make your Dreams a Reality

List of goals to set for yourself
By Agnieszka Boeske

If you want a house but don’t have the money then you need to do something about it. As soon as you “believe” and start to make plans and act the doors will start open. Start to looking around for the clues that might come to you. These are doors that are opening and you need to chose to walk through or not. Maybe someone will approach you and offer you a new job where you can earn more or its a change in a career that you never thought about it…

So you need to act and not just wait that things are going to fall from the sky while you are sitting in the sofa… For example, if you need money you might need to get a job or change career. Read more about how to get a job interview in my article “how to get a job” here.

If something unexpected happens or if you meet someone new that comes to you with new ideas don’t just ignore. Remember your goals “always” so it might have a connection to what you want to achieve. Open your eyes to the unexpected and make your dreams a reality!

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Read one example of how I used the Law of Attraction in my life here.

One author that I highly recommend is Rhonda Byrne and there are other books as well where you can learn more. So, start making simple changes in your life and the way you think and reach your goals exactly the way you always wanted.  See other books here and be ready for the amazing life you are about to create! Make your dreams a reality!


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