What is Keto Diet?  I was really interested to know what Keto Diet means, how the Keto diet works and what are the foods allowed with a Keto diet.

Before embarking in any diet or take any pills to lose weight some research is recommended. Changing a diet just because it is a trend and everyone is talking needs to be dealt with caution. We need to understand what a specific diet means before start making changes in nutrition as it can be dangerous. It is important to know if it would benefit you and the pros and cons of choosing a different diet.

At the end of this post, you will find a link for Keto Diet Menu for beginners or click here if you are ready to start your diet and start to make your own keto recipes.

This diet is based on Ketosis, which is a metabolic process that our body does to keep working.

What is Keto Diet
How the Keto Diet works

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How does Ketosis work?

The basics that everyone knows is that our body needs the energy to function. But how the body gets energy? From the food of course, but what the body does with it and why a Keto diet would help with weight loss?

The energy our body needs, frequently come from Glucose. Glucose comes from carbohydrates like sugar and starchy foods and is often encountered in fruits, milk yogurt, bread, and pasta. Dont’ you feel energetic when you eat chocolates?

Keto Diet Chocolates
Chocolates and Diet

If you are a chocolate craving, good news: Chocolates are allowed!!!!  BUT! Just dark chocolate if they contain a minimum of 70% cocoa! Why? Because they have zero grams of sugar and sugar is a big no in any diet…

When our body doesn’t have enough carbohydrates from food (when we do not eat enough carbs) our body will burn fat instead. This is the natural process of our metabolism called Ketosis. Our bodies are so clever!

This diet is based in the intake of high-fat food and modest consumption of protein. So, Dark Chocolate is high-fat food!

Keto Diet meaning
Still confused about this diet

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Still, confused? Yep, I was too… Right, let’s break down the molecules…

What are carbohydrates, high-fat food, and protein?

Each time we eat something or the body starts to break down the food into pieces and for each type of food, it starts the process of metabolism to transform the nutrients into what our body needs.

stomach metabolism
How Food digestion works

What does our body do with carbohydrates? Our body uses carbohydrates for energy. Carbohydrates cannot be stored as long as fat because they are easier and quicker transformed into glucose and energy.

They make the central nervous system and muscles work. How does the keto diet work?

Keto Diet Pyramid

Keto Diet Pyramid
Keto Diet Pyramid

Which foods are allowed in Keto Diet? The Delicious Keto Diet

High Fat Food. Examples: avocado, whole eggs, cheese, dark chocolate, fatty fish, nuts, extra virgin olive oil, coconut, and full-fat yogurt. hummmmm

low carb diet
High Fat Food Diet

What does our body do with it? Our body uses it for energy. The fat from food is fragmented into fatty acids and stored in fat cells. These cells have the unrestricted capacity and that’s the key to Keto Diet!

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Ketogenic Diet Foods Not to Eat

Carbohydrates. Examples are sugars, vegetables, milk products, starches (bread, croissants, etc),  fruits and grains.

keto diet plan
Carbohydrates not to eat on Keto Diet

What is Burger King Keto and Macdonalds Keto?

I heard these expressions so much and the simple answer is that if we follow the ingredients allowed on this diet we can eat in any restaurant.

So, we could eat a burger without the bun, bread, biscuit and without any sauces. 

Amazing Burger in a low carb diet

That’s the principle. No carbs !!! So, if we understand what are carbs (carbohydrates) it will be easier to choose the food we eat. This is important in any diet!

However, I just found a book where you can find with a low carb bread recipe and easy keto cheesecake and other amazing keto desserts and bread recipes! So this means that we might not need to give up completely our favorite food and all carbs at once, but might be reducing the number of carbohydrates that we eat could make a difference in our weight loss. This might be a perfect balance!

Delicious Keto Bread Recipe
Low Carb Bread Recipe

There are two books that I found: one where you learn how to make delicious keto desserts, keto vanilla cake, brownies, pies and tarts, cookies, ice-cream, souffles and so on….

The other book will show you how to make pizza, flatbread,  and believe it or not: keto burger bun! Click here to know more.

Chocolate brownie keto recipe
Chocolate brownie

Benefits of Keto Diet

When carbohydrates are rare, the body runs essentially on fats. If the energy that our body needs surpass what is providing by fats in our diet, the body must transform the fat into energy and that’s how the “Keto diet” is explained!

A ketogenic diet may be an option for some people who have had difficulty losing weight with other methods.


Proteins: Helps with hormones and muscles. 

Food contains proteins

Keto Diet Risks

Proteins can also be converted into energy if there is a deficiency of fats or carbohydrates therefore this can become dangerous as the body starts eating muscle cells.

Some of the risks related to Keto diet are: Brain cells can’t run on fatty acids directly, risks to people with existing medical conditions as diabetes/chance to develop diabetes.

keto vegetables
Keto Diet Delicious food


With the Keto diet, our body would not have carbs or will have fewer carbs (if you decide just to reduce) and sugar to transform in energy so it will need to break down fat for fuel so it forces the ketosis process (explained above)

Some say that it is not a sustainable diet for the long run as Keto diet eliminates entire food groups, such as fruit. However, maybe the option would just reduce the carbs and not get rid of it completely. But if you are thinking on try a new diet, it is recommended that you consult your doctor or a dietitian first to monitor any changes in your metabolism and discuss the effects of the Keto diet or any other diet into existing health conditions and to prevent nutritional deficiencies.

Follow the links below where you will learn more about Ketogenic Diet Menu for beginners, Keto Recipes Chicken Selection, Low Carb diet.

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The content on this website is not medical advice therefore it’s intended for informational purposes only and before starting any Nutritional Diet, it is recommended that you consult your doctor.

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