Is it possible to manifest money fast? Is it possible to manifest money overnight?

Well, if you are looking for answers to these questions it is likely that you have tried other methods before or are interested in the way the Universe works in relation to our “thinking”…

Ways to manifest money now…

How to Manifest Money Fast

There is so much information online about LOA, (“Law of Attraction”) that is overwhelming!  but the method I am going to talk about here is very interesting and so simple that you can use it when you are sleeping! 

Yes, that is right but before we get into this, we first need to calm our minds to get the connection with the Universe. But how? You might be thinking that you tried many times…. but hey, there is a key to this, a very important piece of the puzzle to finally get the Universe works for you.

And what would be better than use our sleep time wisely and in our advantage to put this in practice?

If you want to know more, keep reading as it worth a try as it cannot make any harm, and also can help with your sleep while making you manifest and transform, you can create and make your dreams a reality.

how to manifest money fast while you sleep
manifest money while sleeping

Manifest Money Overnight – Is it possible?

If you are already familiar with the Law of Attraction, you know that to “attract” whatever we desire, we need to change the way we think. So, it all happens in our brain first. To understand more about the Law of Attraction click here

Sometimes people find it very difficult to “change the way they think” so they gave up easily after starting to practice the law of attraction or forget and get to catch up in the same negative way of thinking as before. However, the method I am sharing with you in this post is a way to help you to “keep” your vibrations high. You can use at any time and also when you are sleeping.

positive thoughts can manifest money now
Think positive!

Have you already made up your mind and just want to get into it? Click Here to get the Manifestation Magic programme and start manifesting your desires.


Raise Your Vibration to the Highest Frequency

Are you wondering why do we need to change our “vibration” to manifest money fast?

So, how to raise your vibration to attract money?

Let’s think about music. If the instruments in an orchestra are not in tune the music will not sound right. The musicians need to “tune” their instruments into a frequency so the music flows. So we need to “tune” our frequency to the right and highest vibration of the Universe so our desires can be manifested quickly.

Let’s understand why:

Life should be compared to a river…. as the water flows naturally, our life should be the same. 

How to raise your vibration to attract money
river flow

Shift from Negative to Positive Thoughts Easily

If you find it difficult just to get out of the “circle of negative thoughts”, music can help. But, hey, it is not any music. Be aware of the lyrics of the music you listen to …

To make sure you are in the right frequency there is special music that you can listen to that can help you to change from negative to positive thinking which in return will make the manifestation of your desires flows like a river.

With music, you can shift your vibration into a theta state quickly and in this state, you can manifest whatever you desire effortlessly as you are connected with the Universe frequency of abundance.  This all helps to raise your vibration to attract money.

you are what you listen to

What is Thet the State of Frequency 

Cymatics is a study of wave phenomena and vibration. It shows that with the right music frequency it can make changes in matter as water. You can read more about cymatics here.

Think about how your mood changes when you are listening to a specific sound… 

Now, it is different when we feel the pulsation of the music, it is like trying to feel with our ears. Now try this:

Hear the sound that comes to you in everything and each moment of our lives and dance with it! Let things happen gracefully as you are “withing”, “you are connected” you are “dancing with it”. Watch a video where the phenomena are explained with more details here.

Energy orbiting is also a way to transform your negative thoughts into positive ones. It will help you to change the negative in your life into positive life experiences.

With the Manifestation Magic program, you can shift from the Beta state to Theta state naturally and smoothly and manifest money effortlessly.

Water vibration by sounds

How to Shift to Theta State of Mind

Our minds are working in a state called Beta, which is characterized by the alertness way of living and thinking. So, we are in a state of mind that is always “on the go”. This can increase worry, frustration, and confusion so we can’t function in a calm way and let things take its place. And when we are in the “worry” state of mind, we are not focused and we are not “withing” and we are not “connected” to the Universe where our most deep desires can manifest.

If you stay in the “worry” state all the time, that is what you are attracting. So, what do you want to attract?

The Universe is perfect, the nature is perfect and it is fluid, it works like a perfect machine and we do not need to do anything to have the sun arises every morning, it just happens. Nature works in harmony where everything transforms and changes not affect the circle of life. it is not settled but transformation happens fluidly. That’s is the key to manifest, being in harmony.

Whatever happens, the sun rises every day

To get into the “natural state of manifestation”, or “manifestation magic” you need to turn the switch in your mind which were many people find hard to maintain focus.

But how to enter in the frequency and how to manifest money? Well, the first step to be taken is to change the negatives thoughts into positive ones and that’s where the majority of people get stuck.

You might have tried many times, read books, watched videos, and started doing some exercises however you might have given up in the middle… Well, maybe it is because you did not found the “magic switch” in your mind and let it “on” all the time…


The Manifestation Magic

The Manifestation Magic program will help you to “find the switch” and get you into the “Theta” state” where everything you always want can manifest quickly and naturally as you would be able to calm your mind and focus easily.

Once you learn and connect with the essence of your mind and the Universe you would be able to keep in the state or come back easily with the manifestation magic program. The “on” switch needs to be working, however, like everything in life, we need to first learn how to do things and so we can get better and better and master it!. It is like when we learn to ride a bike, we never forget! However if you don’t use your bike it will get rusty….  So, let’s do this!

Right, but how does it really work? Well, the Theta state is where things happen with calmness. The manifestation magic will help you calm your mind and get you into a deep sleep or meditation. You can use the program while sleeping and learn the secret of money manifestation meditation.

The techniques in this program will help you to achieve the Theta state and help you get rid of old negative ways of thinking and shift to positive thoughts that can manifest your true desires.

Be positive

Additional Ways to Raise your vibration

You can also raise your vibration as you are more aware and more present at the moment you are living. Think about the food you eat, the thoughts you have when you are struggling with an issue… It is a matter of changing things in your life which will bring happiness, wealth, love, and whatever you desire. Don’t you feel happy when you make someone happy? Don’t you feel happy when you have food to eat and a bed to sleep, a house to live in? So, be grateful for what you already have is very important! Complaining that you do not have the best car, or the best house is not going to help you to raise your vibration and instead would attract more of what you do not want as you are “thinking” on the negatives of your life.

That’s why sometimes is difficult to “change” our focus. Life can be hard at times so we can get overwhelmed with issues and we easily can start to think that there is no light at the end of the tunnel… but there is always light, you just need to switch it on!

Ways to Raise your vibration and find light at the end of tunnel
by Jose Llamas

Want to start to manifest just good in your life? The Manifestation Magic can be the light switch that you were waiting to discover.

Love x




I am not saying that you are going to be rich tomorrow – I just want to share the knowledge I’ve found with you. 


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