How To Learn Astrology – The Basics

how to learn astrology

How to learn Astrology? Astrology starts from the basic premise that there is a relationship between the position of the stars that make up the solar system and life here on earth.

For centuries ancient civilizations accumulated the functions of astronomers, doctors, priests and state advisers. They watched the sky searching for associations between the movement of the Sun, the moon, the planets, and the events of their times. This was an attempt to understand the present and to anticipate the future.

Such knowledge has accumulated over time. The observations, hypotheses and conclusions of an astrologist were transmitted to his successors through writings. Therefore it was said that astrology is the sum of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity.

There is no area of ​​human experience in which it can not be employed. Let’s look at some examples.

Self Knowledge

The curiosity that man feels for himself is interminable. In many ways our lives reflect our beliefs about ourselves and our daily behavior reshapes the person we think we are. However to know how to learn astrology its important to remember that the words “beliefs” and “think” should be emphasized as we are infinitely capable of deceiving ourselves.

Astrology seeks to reveal the truth about people through what we call the Astrological Map. It’s constitute a picture of the sky at the time of the birth of the individual. The Astrological Map  shows the life goals, ambitions, fears, desires, tensions and many other possibilities of the life of the individual. It can also be used together with Numerology.


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An astrologer can compare two astrological maps indicating various areas in which they can or combine well enough or activities where they simply cannot be close to one another.

The comparison of two themes is called Synastry and aims to lead analysts to have a deeper view of themselves and their relationships.

The Natal Chart and its Predictions – The Future

Through the Predictions, one can estimate “tendencies” in the life of an individual. They resemble weather forecasts in such a period changes must occur or when there may be a build up of nervous tension, yet followed by a good phase in emotional life, etc. Such knowledge may be useful both to guard against relation to critical periods and to the best use of favorable phases.

star baby

The Astrological Map or Natal Chart is a representation of the sky that a newborn child would see at the moment and place of birth. It is composed primarily of a circle. This circle represents a fax of the sky that surrounds our Solar System and that we call Zodiac. This, in turn, is divided similarly to a pizza in twelve equal areas, which we call the Signs.

Our Strength – Our goal – Our Path


Within this circle we find the positions and planets in the Solar System: the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

These stars symbolize the different basic impulses inherent in all human beings. These impulses give us the strength to do anything in our lives, from the satisfaction of our most primitive and biological wills. This mean survival, eating, drinking, sleeping, running away or defending ourselves against an enemy, etc. Also through the need to live within a society, communicating with people, working and obtaining a heritage, marrying and constituting (or not) a family, caring about people around us, try to understand the deeper meaning of existence, etc.

Each star will symbolize a different impulse. In a very general way, while the Sun symbolizes our individuality, Mercury represents our ability to learn, Mars our aggressiveness, Saturn our need for security, etc … The sum of these impulses constitute the basic foundation on which we build our personality.


Learn astrology by understand that the sign modulates the push for a star. A person possessing Mars in Aries, for example, tends to demonstrate their aggressiveness in a very direct, impatient, and competitive way. Another, with Mars in Libra, would be more diplomatic, appealing to reason and trying to get other people to cooperate with them. However with Mars in Scorpio, they would prefer to hide their aggressiveness so that others would not notice it.

We do not manifest our impulses in the same way. Aggressiveness can be expressed in many ways: in sports (competing or cheering), discussions (which can be about politics, religion, music, psychology. In work through application and diligence in the execution of tasks or by the dispute with the colleagues. In corporal struggles, by illegally gratifying a wall, destroying public properties, in hobbies as mechanics or carpentry. Also through the knowledge of some specific area and they are called Houses. 

The Sun Sign in Astrology


The basic in how to learn astrology is when someone says “I am Aries”, they are referring to the fact that Sun was in this sign at the time of their birth. A person may have the Sun in Aries, but the Moon in Cancer, Mercury in Taurus. We could say that someone is Aryan, but their personality have elements from both Aryan and Cancerian, Athenian, Taurine and Capricorn. 


how to learn astrology

The Aspects relate with the influence of two planets making them two partners or two deadly enemies. This relationship indicates the areas of personality where they harmoniously bound or compete with each other.

How to Learn Astrology – It is all connected!

We could make a comparison of the functioning of the Astral Map like that of a theatrical piece/play so it will explain how to learn astrology. The actors (stars) represent a piece unfolds. The aspects would be the dialogues between the characters, who can love, admire, fight, conspire, hate or fight for some ideal.

Musical Instrument Symphony Orchestra

Being so many variations that we can have with a unified astrological map. It would be as if each star was a soloist in a large orchestra. We must know the nature of the instruments that play each of them, and the various chords of orchestration. If we can listen to everyone, letting them play their instruments, together we will perform a concert. 

Be inspired by Gustavo Host to feel the different energies from each Planet played at Proms 2016 by the National Youth Orchestra. It’s amazing to hear and feel how the music can influence our emotions. Gustavo Host named each suite after a planet and its simbololism. 

The orchestra is ready, let’s play our best music! Namaste 🙏

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