Garden Furniture Revamp – Revive

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Thinking about buying a new garden furniture set? Have you thought about recovering your old outdoor furniture? 

Maybe now it is time to use the time available and upgrade your DIY skills. Learn new skills with your garden furniture revamp – revive project.

Below is a picture of my garden furniture set before. 

How to restore weathered wood

It took a bit of work but I am pleased with what I achieved! I also enjoyed the whole project as I learned new skills.

Instead of sitting on your old garden chair next summer and dreaming about new garden furniture that is too expensive, why not motivate yourself and make your dream come true?

Be creative, use colours, experiment new materials and learn to use new tools!

In the end, you will be pleased and you can also enjoy your “new outdoor set” in the next barbecue gathering!

My Garden Furniture Revamp – Revive project

The table and chairs were old weathered with a few chipped area and wood rot in places.  I started fixing this first!

Using a sharp chisel, I dig out all rotten timber. I found this part of the process quite enjoyable…

Then I used a wood filler. I filled all the holes and imperfections.

To speed this process it is best to use a two-part filler which dries in 5 minutes ready to sand.

Then I sanded the surfaces. I found it quicker to use a sanding machine as I am one of these people that cannot wait too long to see the results!

But, hey, don’t be discouraged if you do not have a sand machine.

You can do it by hand just as well, using medium-grit sandpaper!

Maybe a sand machine is something you might want to add to your toolbox for your future projects!


Sandpaper for garden furniture

Painting Weathered Garden Furniture 

I used outdoor matt paint, this type of paint protects your wooden garden furniture and keep it looking great all seasons.

See below the products I used in this garden furniture revamp project.

Garden Furniture Revamp – Revive – Final Result

Garden Furniture Revamp Finished
Don’t buy new, transform!

List of Products

Chisel Set to revamp weathered wood furniture
Chisel Set to revamp weathered wood furniture
2 part wood filler
2 part wood filler
Wood Sandpaper
Wood Sandpaper
Paintbrush for Garden Furniture
Paintbrush for Garden Furniture







paint for weathered garden furniture





paint for weathered garden furniture 

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