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Free Baby Stuff for Mum

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Did you know that you can get free Baby Stuff by just sign up or writing a product review?  Well, I believe this is a good way to increase your income specially if you are a newbie mum or you are looking for ways to help support you all the way from pregnancy to motherhood or while you are out of work. 

Get Free Baby Stuff

get free baby stuff
free samples for mum

If you are looking after your newborn and you are at home most of the time, why not spend a few minutes to get free stuff to support your monthly expenses and at the same time having fun? Sometimes we waste precious time on social media which doesn’t add anything to our lives…. and we all do this… So, why not make a change today and earn some free baby stuff?

Get Free Samples – It is easy to Start

This campaign is simple and you would be able to get free baby stuff samples and products after selected to be a product tester. Firstly you will need to sign up for free here and fill out a questionnaire working your way through the offers you are interested to complete your registration. 

working from home mum
mother at home

Select the Products you are interested 

Make sure you complete the questionnaire in full otherwise you are not going to be eligible. Most people give up in this step, but you are almost done so don’t be discouraged and focus in your aim: To receive the products!!! So the supplier need to understand a little about you, your interests and lifestyle so they will know you are the right person to test their products!

Free baby Stuff
baby cream
After selected, you will then need to write a review of the product you are receiving. Sometimes adding a video and/or send some photos. 
work from home mum
work from home mum
This is a perfect freebie you if you are looking to try new samples for free. This would certainly help with your monthly income.
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Good luck!

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