My Felt Doll from Shelly Down’s book using adhesive fabric tape

My Felt Felt Doll by Shelly Down - book Few! I finally finished my felt doll from Shelly Down’s book using adhesive fabric tape instead of wool yarn as suggested.

It wasn’t difficult but it took a while because I did not have time (as you know I have a weekly job 9-5 ???? and I was thinking about how I was going to do the doll’s eyes and hair as I wanted it to be different.

The book is amazing and so inspiring with all the patterns you need to make a beautiful felt doll. In this post I will show you how I made mine.

I made mine with a slight twist when following the instructions as I think we always need to if making them “our own”, so let me show you what I done:

My Felt Doll – The body and hair

My felt doll Lia Starlight

For the body I just followed the instructions on the book. There are different types of felt:  pure wool felt, wool blend felt, woven wool felt, acrylic and novelty printed felts.

On the book – My Felt Doll by Shelly Down, it is recommended to choose a good quality felt to make the body  (but of course, more expensive than acrylic)

I used acrylic felt as it is the first time I am making a felt doll! but the choice is yours. A full list of materials is below.

The hair

How to make a felt doll
my felt doll Lia Starlight

As you can see I did not use wool (yarn) as I decided to use a self adhesive fabric tape that I already had at home. I am a bit of a rebel, I know ????????.. I keep deviating from the instructions in Shelly Down’s book that says use wool!

Fabric tape
fabric adhesive tape

These fabric adhesive tape are one of the cutest thing I ever seen in the Arts & Crafts world. It is really up to our imagination what we can do with them!

Fabric tape for felt doll hair

So I cut the lenght I wanted and folded. As the tape is adhesive I don’t need to sew and both sizes looks perfect! job done!????

felt doll hair Lia Starlight

Detail of the finishing clothes, I also used a stamp “Made with Love” ????

Felt doll

Felt doll – Eyes

I think I am going to call her “Naughty”. She also seems to be a little suspicious… ????

how to make a felt doll
my first felt doll 

Well, I did not want to add safety eyes, I wanted to make my own, so as a fabric paint fan I decided to paint the eyes in a fabric and stick it in the doll’s face. So, use your imagination to make the eyes with felt, or safety eyes if you prefer.

I really enjoyed making my felt doll from Shelly Down’s book.

Remember the choice is yours! Also if you want to follow and make a doll exactly as the book as they are amazing. For me, when I am creating I do not like to follow to much rules…

Keep crafting!


List of Materials  

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