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How to Make an Old Fashioned Rag Doll from Felt – Tutorial

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Looking for how to make a doll?

Well, I finally finished my felt doll from Shelly Down’s book and it was fun!

I used an adhesive fabric tape for the hair instead of wool yarn as suggested. So, why not learn to make a doll with the experts adding your own sprinkle?

With this short tutorial, I will show how to make an Old Fashioned Rag Doll from Felt. It’s a super easy rag doll to make from felt or any scrap fabric.

How to make an old fashioned Rag Doll using felt 

It wasn’t difficult but it took a while as the first ragdoll I was making!

I was thinking about how I was going to do the doll’s eyes and hair as I wanted it to be different.

So,  came across Shelly Down book which amazingly inspired me. I am sure you will love it as well!

The book contains all the patterns you need to make a beautiful felt doll. I made mine with a slight twist when following the instructions.

So, let me show you what I have done.

The body and hair

How to make an old fashioned Rag Doll
My felt doll Lia Spragg

For the body, I just followed the instructions on the book. There are different types of felt:  pure wool felt, wool blend felt, woven wool felt, acrylic and novelty printed felts.

The book – My Felt Doll by Shelly Down, recommends to choose a good quality felt to make the body  (but of course, more expensive than acrylic). So, it is not paramount that you use the most expensive felt. You can use what you like or you might already have some at home.

I used acrylic felt as it is the first time I am making a felt doll! but the choice is yours. A full list of materials is below.

How to Make a Rag Doll Hair with Adhesive Fabric Tape

How to make a rag doll using felt
my felt doll Lia Starlight

Surprise, surprise!

As you can see I did not use wool (yarn) for my rag doll hair. 

I am a bit of a rebel as I keep deviating from the instructions in Shelly Down’s book that says use wool for the doll’s hair!

Well, I like to put my own twist on my crafts, so I decided to use a self-adhesive fabric tape and I am very happy with the results!

Fabric tape
fabric adhesive tape

These fabric adhesive tapes are one of the best things I’ve ever come across in the Arts & Crafts world and can be used for so many other projects. It is really up to our imagination what we can do with them!

Fabric tape for felt doll hair

I cut the lengths I needed and then folded in half. As the tape is adhesive I don’t need to sew and both sizes look perfect! job done! This was the easiest way to make my rag doll hair.

felt Rag Doll
felt doll hair Lia Starlight

To add detail and finish the clothes, I used a stamp “Made with Love”, that I already have.

Felt doll

Rag doll Eyes

Well, I did not want to add safety eyes, I wanted to make my own, so as I’m a fabric paint fan, I decided to paint the eyes.

I used a scrap fabric cut to shape and stick it in the doll’s face. Maybe later I will change it, but at the moment I think it is fine.

So, use your imagination to make the eyes with felt, or safety eyes if you prefer.

I think I am going to call her “Naughty” as my doll seems to be a little suspicious with these big eyes, hehehe. 

old fashioned Rag Doll from felt tutorial
my first felt doll


I really enjoyed making this old Fashioned Rag Doll with this crazy hair. So, I hope you will give it a go.

Remember the choice of material in this tutorial is yours!

Also if you want to follow and make a doll exactly as the book, why not? For me, when I am creating I do not like to follow too many rules…

See below some options for materials. I will love to see your projects! 

Love x


List of Materials  


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