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How to use Feng Shui for luck? What are Feng Shui Mirrors and How to use at Home? Well, it might be silly to think what a simple mirror can do if you never used Feng Shui. You might be a little skeptical about the holistic way you could decorate your home or add some “Feng Shui” in your lives but, why not try it out and see the results for yourself?

It could bring that luck☘ you are waiting for!

Feng shui mirror

Have you ever noticed a happier atmosphere at home after cleaning your house or redecorating a room? 

Feng Shui is not something “trendy”. Since ancient times people are using it to make the energy flow. Feng Shui it is a philosophy and can be used by anyone alongside any belief system.

It is a skill, and with practice you will be able to position furniture, mirrors and other items within the environment as you become more aware of your surroundings. Sometimes just moving a furniture to another corner of the room makes all the difference in the energy.

Have you ever feel uncomfortable when you step in a room and out of the blue decide to turn it around, change curtains, cushions or move a sofa to another room? So, we have “this” in us, we just need to know how to use it as being more aware of how we feel and how we can balance the energy in a positive way.

Have you notice how do you feel after a “Spring clean”? Sometimes just opening a window feels refreshing but it can also bring a fresh energy.

I feel that it is important while I am cleaning my house, to have good thoughts. So, for me I think that it is not just a physical cleaning it. It is much more than that.

But how does it work? Or what exact this mean? Can we use feng shui for luck?

What is “Chi” or “Qi”

Feng Shui Mirrors
Energy by Hal Gatewood

Let’s be simple and say that Chi or Qi is energy that runs through everything. As Feng Shui is based on the mixture of our own chi and the environment we live, if we choose and give the Universe a hand, it would make the energy runs smoothly, in the direction we desire.

It sounds simple, right? Well, I mentioned on my other post about “believing”, so you might like to have a read on it here.

I am writing from my own experience as I tried and it worked for me. It is also a way to think positively as you are creating something in your head and you are believing and sending the message to the universe. It is an excellent start to make things to happen!

How to benefit by using Feng Shui Mirrors in our Home

Well, many celebrities and business are using it, so why not? If we can feel better in a nice and fresh environment, it makes sense to enhance where we live with simple changes and not spending a fortune!

This could be redecorate a room or move some furniture to different places or add or remove a mirror.

So, let’s talk about Feng Shui Mirrors: Mirrors reflects, right? Whatever the mirror is placed it will reflect back the chi into the room. If you know learn how to positioning mirrors according to Feng Shui it will reflect and bring good vibes into your life!

Have a look in your house. What are your mirrors reflecting right now???

Feng Shui mirror cat

Remember its also the “intention”, “the feeling”, so when you looking at the mirror have positive thoughts and create your desire from there….

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How to use Feng Shui Mirrors?

Feng Shui mirrors can be used to fix a issue, or better explained, to let the energy flows in a dormant area or long corridors where the chi moves rapidly. 

All mirrors should have frames and be kept clean. Never keep a broken mirror and make sure it reflect your whole image. It also shouldn’t have joins or mirror tiles, and please do not hang mirror opposite to beds, doors or each other(see below). 

You can also use Feng Shui Mirrors in quiet or dull areas as under the stairs, a basement, a loft, a dark space, etc. Place the mirror in a place that the natural light can be reflected in this specific area or corner that you identified. 

Let’s see some examples below:

Feng Shui Living Room Decorating – The basics Feng Shui Tips

Feng Shui living room decorating and mirrors

Feng Shui living room decorating it is about family, reunion and feel good together, so its important that the seats are against the wall (so protected) ant there lots of space in front of you.  In the picture above you can see a beautiful sitting room and a mirrored coffee table in the center. This is a very good example of a good of how to use Feng Shui Mirror in Living room with a bit of twist and imagination! So, what’s the mirror are reflecting? The windows, the light from the outside and that’s the energy we want inside! That’s the principle, but be careful in adding a mirror right opposite a window if its not reflecting inside the room, so sometimes a convex mirror is a good idea or place the mirror in a corner.

How to use Feng Shui Mirrors in Bathroom?

Feng Shui mirror bathroom

Bathrooms and specially toilets are knowing of a place that drains the energy of the house. Therefore, toilets seats should be always closed, I know… it’s difficult when you have men in the house… but it’s worth to try even if you need to put a note on the toilet seat or change to one that closes automatically…

Mirrors in the bathroom should never reflect the toilet seat, so place them as the picture above or behind the door and keep the bathroom door always closed.

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How to use Feng Shui Mirrors in Bedroom?

It’s really lovely to see big wardrobes reflecting a nice bed right? Well, in Feng Shui its a big No-No. So, keep mirrors in the bedroom it to a minimum, if possible cover it when you are sleeping.

The picture below is an example of a mirror in a bedroom using Feng Shui. Its not reflecting the bed and its reflecting lovely flowers and the natural light from the window.

Feng Shuir mirror bedroom

Yin and Yang

Yin and Yang This is the Yin and Yang symbol.  Yin represents the dark, cold, negative and feminine.  Yang represents the white, the hotter, positive and masculine. Both need to be balanced and complementing each other.

You can help this balance bring more Yin or Yang into your life according to your needs. As for example if you are feeling cold or have frequent illnesses or depression this mean the Yin is high and to balance its recommended to wear bright colors, do martial arts and get rid of clutter as examples. 

When the Yang is high you might have a dry skin, suffer from stress or in a need to be in control. To balance and bring more Yin, its recommended to meditate, wear clothes in pastel colors and get close to nature. 


Feng Shui Bedroom and Feng Shui Bed

The bed position is extremely important so try to place the bed away or in front of the door. Its also recommended not place the bed in a wall that is annex to a bathroom. If this is not possible, use wallpaper, fabric or any extra wall covering to balance the energy.

Natural materials as wool or cotton are the best choice for a mattress instead of  synthetic materials and cotton futons are also recommended as it supports the chi flow. 

The bed is also another important part of furniture that you need to think when decorating your bedroom.  You can transform your room into a Feng Shui bedroom, sometimes just re-positioning your bed or choose one made of wood frames which attracts more yin.

To enhance your relationship, add some bright colors in your room. Yellow bedding is ideal and you will have a perfect Feng Shui Bed. See picture below:

Feng shui bed yellow

Feng Shui Beddrom Colours

You don’t need to spend fortunes and buying new furniture or expensive bed clothing or curtains to make your house a Feng Shui House where the enerby can flow harmonically. You can simple use colors and objects that you already have or add flowers in the right spot!

If you find difficult to coordinate colors and decorate your house beautifully let’s have a look at the basics of the color wheel so we can use the color coordination with Feng Shui.

It would be easier as we are talking about “Feng Shui”, if we relate the colors with the 4 elements: Fire, Earth, air and  Water.

We can also link de colors with the seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

So, let’s see below:

Feng Shui Elements and Color Coordination
Feng Shui Colors for Home Decoration by Lia Spragg www.madeathomecrafts.com

When we are decorating our house it shouldn’t have any strict rules as we want to be comfortable and around things and colors that we like but we can  add some sparkle and use the Feng Shui technique to enhance all the goods the Universe can bring to our lives.

Follow your instincts and if you do not like a color or an object in your house: Change it! Move it! Get rid of it! Do something and you see how you feel.

Think about what you would like to bring to your life. See some examples below:

Orange Flower to warm a room
Orange rose

Orange and Cream colors can create a warm room, so you could use in walls, frames, flowers, cushions

Vase with Rosemary
Feng Shui Plant

Greens and natural plants is a good source to add to your decoration specially when you feel a need for new ideas or need a change to happen.

Blue Flower
Feng Shui Blue Flower


Blue is peaceful, and can make a room restful and help free the mind from worries and confusion. 

Purple Flower
Decorating with purple Feng shui

Purple and Violet: To get the purple tone we need to mix red and blue so purple represent the change, the transition to go up to the next level. It has an expansive energy and bring a new dynamism to our lives.

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Feng Shui Bagua Mirror Rules

Feng Shui Bagua Mirror rules
Source: Amazon

When and where to place Bagua mirrors? 

Bagua Mirror Rules

1- Must be placed just on front doors (outside the house) 

2 – Never hung inside the house

3- Just use it if there is a bad energy in front of the house as for example a river. Its reflect the negative energy from outside into our houses.

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“Qi” or “Chi” and our body

The basis of the Chinese Medicine is to harmonise and restore the  “Qi” in our body through Acupuncture. If you never tried and wants to know more, read the guest post from my friends Margareth and Chris here and let the energy flows!

❤ Lia

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