Here’s my famous paintings and artists favorites from around the world.  Deep in to the mind of the artist and their artwork and be inspired by some of the greatest minds of the world of art. Most of these famous paintings hold meaningful stories that unlock historical events and are just simply beautiful pieces of great art. 

I have visited almost all Museums in London and in other cities in the UK but I am always looking for places I never been before…  So, which artists are your favorites? Have you visited their museums or been closed to their original paintings? Why not organize your next holiday trip and include to visit your favorite artist’s gallery or museum?

Famous paintings and Artists

1. Leonardo da Vinci

Today only a small number of Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings still exist as The Last Supper.  The picture is a mural commissioned by a convent in Milan. It shows the last meal shared by Jesus with his disciples. Its recognition as a masterpiece has meant that it remains as one of the most reproduced artworks today. 

In the Louvre museum in Paris hangs another of Leonardo’s most known works of art is The Mona Lisa. Some believe its fame to rest on the enigmatic smile that is on the face of the woman thought to be that of Lisa Gherardini. While he produced several works during this era, it is the Mona Lisa that is probably his best-known piece.   Leonardo da Vinci

I visited the Leonard Da Vinci exhibition The Mechancis of Genius in The Science Museum in London in 2016. 

Leonardo da Vinci exhibition London
The Mechanics of Genius

If you though Leonardo Da Vinci was “just” and exceptional painter, you would be surprised that he was also a draftsman, he draw numerous and incredible mechanical drawings plans about war, manufacturing and to help the man to flight. He was inspired by engineers when he was working in Florence and he was always trying to make the “process” better so he start to draw. The machines were produced in 1952 in Milan to celebrate Leonard’s 500th anniversary. 

2. Famous paintings in Florence – Renaissance –  Sandro Botticelli

The birth of Venus is one of my favorite paintings by Botticelli. This painting was commissioned by a famous family in Italy in 1480. As a child I was always intrigued by Mythology and I came across Botticelli’s painting and I just fall in love with his work. I love the eccentricity and how he based his painting of  Gods and Angels in a way that makes us want to know what he was thinking of and his views of the subject.

I was lucky enough to visit the Botticelli’s exhibition– Botticelli Re-imagined  in the Victoria & Albert Museum in London in 2016 which was the largest British exhibition since 1930.

Birth of Venus Lia
Victoria & Albert Museum


Uffizi Gallery Museum Florence

The Uffizi Gallery (or Galleria degli Uffizi, in Italian) is the most famous museum in Florence, and one of the most famous and important museums in the world. The Uffizi Tribune Room is the oldest room of the museum, and became a romantic symbol made famous by the European fashion of the grand tour.

The room is richly decorated with enamels and shells according to the theme of the four elements. Gentile da Fabriano, Leonardo da Vinci and Sandro Botticelli and many more . The Uffizi Gallery Museum

3. Famous Paintings Spain – Salvador Dali – Surrealism

Salvador Dali - famous paintings spain

Spain is full of art wherever you go.  Salvador Dali is my favority artist of all time. Just love his arts, the way he expressed himself and his mind in his works is fascinating. So, I visited  Salvador Darli’s house and and museums in Spain and I was gobsmacked by the realistic painting and in another way the mark on history of Surrealism in his paintings.

Salvador Dali Museum
Spain – Dali trip

If you are thinking on visiting or being close to the work of one of the most admirable and inquiring mind, Salvador Dali’s museums and houses in Spain is a place to go! Read here about my visit to these unimaginable places where I,  in some moments could questioned my own reality…

Dali most famous painting

You will discover the history and culture of Spain and it’s rich in art date back from prehistoric cave paintings at Altamira right up to the surrealism of Salvador Dalí  most famous painting ‘The Persistence of Memory’. See more here:   Famous Spanish Painters

4. Famous Paintings by Picasso – Cubism


I couldn’t write a post titled famous paintings and Artists without mentioning Pablo Picasso.  But, do you know that his full name is Pablo Diego Jose Santiago Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Crispin Crispiniano de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santisima Trinidad Ruiz Blasco y Picasso Lopez?  Just imagine that mouthful on his passport. To see some of best work pop over to The Mind Circle

This painting above is “Le Reve”, “The dream”, is one of my favorite famous painting by Picasso which he painted his mistress Marie-Therese Walter in 1932 in a fauvism style. If you never noticed, look closely to see the shape of the head (top). It might make you see things in another perspective and be curious to find out more about Picasso.

Picasso, the Master of Cubism’s museum is in Barcelona. There are other museums around the world where you can also see his paintings as Switzerland, Germany and France.

I was first introduced to Cubism in school and I just got fascinated by how figures, shapes and objects are put together. It makes our minds try to figure it out how on earth these artists have so much creativity?

The way Picasso express is an opportunity for anyone to open their minds and see figures and objects from another point of view. 

Tate Gallery in London is holding THE EY EXHIBITION: PICASSO 1932 – LOVE, FAME, TRAGEDY until September 2018 so don’t miss. Click here for more information.

Open you mind and be inspired! That’s what art is all about it. My message in this post is: Don’t take from granted where you live, look around as there are many people that might want to be right there where you are!So, open you eyes, maybe there is a museum or a gallery just around the corner that you have never visited. Immerse yourself in the world of Art… your mind and soul will be grateful.

I hope this post inspired you and get you excited to draw and painting. Check this free video – Drawing Lessons for Beginners – Step by Step where you can learn The Secrets to Drawing.

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