Why choose Fair Trade Clothing Trends? Well, do you want to make an ethical choice and at the same time wear a fashion trend? This is a simple answer!

These are my top tip products! It fits so well and are so comfortable that you don’t want to wear anything else! At the same time you are helping the workers to get a fair paid for their job. Some companies are also using organic products as People Tree so also a bonus to everyone and the world. I Just love it!

Eco Friendly Jewelry

Tagua Nut is one of the alternative way of the use of a “vegetable” ivory in a variety of objects as for example jewelry. The plant grows in the tropical forests as Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and Panama.

The seed is so similar to the real ivory that contributed to saving killing of elephants so people are using this nut instead.  The scientific name is Phytelephas which means “plant elephant”. See one example below:

Fair Trade Clothing Trends – Simple and Beautiful

Here are a suggestion of Fair Trade Clothing Trends. If you don’t know what to wear, don’t look any longer! Wearing Reformation Clothing shows your commitment to sustainability. See this beautiful Rosey dress:

Gorgeous and Comfortable

Check it out: Lovely dress from Reformation Sale:

Fair Trade Jeans on Sale!

Fair Trade Accessories

Look beautiful with these lovely Fair Trade Bags

Why Fair Trade? What is Fair Trade

Choose a fair trade product by change the way you buy! Doing this you are also changing people’s life. It’s simple to switch to Fair Trade Products: just look at the label when you are shopping. There are ranges of clothes, food, beverages, bags, school uniforms, flowers, etc. You can also look for natural and organic products, make an ethical choice and help the environment. 

It is easy to support sustainability and being ethical and responsible by making an effort and using handmade, organic and sustainable products.

Fair Trade and Sustainability is not just in the Fashion Industry but everywhere. By recycling products you are already participating in the wave. Here at madeathomecrafts.com you will find tips and tutorials that you can make yourself with few things you already have at home.

So, use, re-use, and recycle. It’s good for you, its good for us, its good for the world. See an example where I recycled my coffee table here.


Learn more about Cotton Farms in this video from the Fairtrade.org.uk.

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