Easy Sewing to relax

Amazing easy sewing projects for beginners in this magazine. In this post I will show you two examples that I made using the kit from this magazine.

I’m the kind of person that cannot sit still for too long… and/or I am kind of multitasking… so I wanted to watch TV and relax after a long week of work but I wanted to do some craft as well.

While I was doing my weekly shopping in my local supermarket this week, on the news rack I noticed a sewing magazine offering a free sewing kit. I felt this would be a perfect way to keep my self busy while relaxing at the same time, so I decided to purchase the magazine.  While I was in the checkout queue I was looking over the magazine, I found myself getting excited to sew something that I didn’t involve a sewing machine, something I could do easily by hand while relaxing on my sofa watching TV.

Well,  our ancestors did not have a sewing machines.. so, let’s relax and enjoy a bit of old culture.

Some of the other cuties from the magazine collection:

Look at his eyes! I think he is saying: I need a hug.????

panda soft toy easy sewing

Gorgeous guardian angel mice, aren’t they adorable? I just love them ????????

angel mice easy sewing

What about this lovely ballerina bear? girly easy sewing!

ballerina bear easy sewing

Magical dragon for those who prefer a mythological adventure. Love the colours!

dragon easy sewing

I am fascinated with the baby giraffe. It suits so well in a baby’s’ room. I think this will be my next project. I just need a baby to give it to.????

baby giraffe easy sewing

The Owl – Easy Sewing

This is one that came in the magazine kit. It includes the pattern, fabric and instructions so, there’s no real thinking involved, just relax and enjoy.

I just had to cut the patterns and sew it as instucted in the magazine. 

I decided to sew it by hand while watching TV over Christmas….

It was so easy and I enjoyed relaxing on the sofa…

I used the stuffing from an old pillow.

Cute owl and dog easy sewing.

The original project from the magazine is to make the dog as a door stop stuffed with dried rice or beans but as I didn’t need a door stop I used more stuffing from my old pillow.


Materials for Filling:

Pictures and projects from: SewMagazine

It is up to you which filling you are going to use, there are many and prices varies as cotton, beads, fibre polyester, etc. see below some options for filling:

Keep crafting! ????

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