10 Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners – Easy Things to Sew and Sell

Are you ready to see the 10 easy sewing projects for beginners and to discover easy things to sew and sell?

Of course, you will need tools and materials as nothing fell from the sky, right?

With a bit of investment, you will have everything you need to start your own sewing business or just enjoy a new craft. You might already have some materials at home so let’s use them!

In this post, I will also show you two examples that I made using a kit from the Sew Magazine.

I’m the kind of person that cannot sit still for too long, so I am always multitasking, especially when I watch TV, I like to keep my hands occupied doing crafts.

Therefore the projects I am showing here are simple, and the majority do not require advanced skills.

1- Sew your own Jungle Garland – Sewing Kit for Beginners

jungle garland sewing kit by PollyChromeCrafts Etsy Shop

jungle garland sewing kit by PollyChromeCrafts Etsy Shop

Newborn arriving in the family? This garland is the most cutie thing to make for the little one and will certainly brighten up any nursery room.

The jungle garland works lovely in bright colours. You can choose to make them all and thread onto a ribbon to make a garland or hang them individually as decorations. The kits include: wool felt, embroidery thread and of course the step by step instructions.

You will need to supply a needle, scissors and stuffing. Not suitable for children of 8 years and under. Adult supervision advised at all times.

Click here to buy your Jungle Garland Sewing Kit

2- Sew your Rag Doll using your Fabric Scraps – Instant PDF Download Pattern

Rag Doll Pattern PDF Sewing Easy Kit by SewEleven Etsy Shop

Rag Doll Pattern PDF Sewing Easy Kit by SewEleven Etsy Shop

Do you have some scrap fabrics lying around the house? Why not make these gorgeous, colourful, super cute unique dolls?

This item is a download PDF pattern suitable for beginners from the beautiful SewEleven Etsy Shop.

You will need to have some tools and materials as felt, fabric, fabric paint, embroidery thread for eyes and cheeks, marking pens, stuffing, scissors, sewing needle and sewing machine. Click here to grab your kit.

3- Stitch Book Starter Kit – Transfer Photo to Fabric

Stitch book Sewing Kit by Whimsarium Etsy Shop

Stitch book Sewing Kit by Whimsarium Etsy Shop

I just love this idea! Transfer your favourite photos onto fabric and create your photo memory book!

This Stitch book starter kit is perfect for helping you start to learn how to sewing by making a ring-bound 13 x 15cm landscape Stitchbook with ten pages.

The kit comes with a pre-made book where you can add your artwork. It also contains a set of lettering stamps and a comprehensive instruction booklet.

You will need, of course, add some embellishments as fabric, buttons and ribbons to decorate your pages and access to an inkjet printer and iron to transfer your photos into the fabric transfer paper included.

You can sew by hand or use a machine sewing. Your new craft obsession starts now! Click here to grab your kit!

4- Make your own Felt Tote Bag

Make your own Tote Bag Kit from Crafts in the Corner Etsy Shop

Make your Tote Bag Kit from Crafts in the Corner Etsy Shop

The easy sewing kit you can ever find to make a felt bag. Great for beginners who want to learn to sew, everything included. So, no excuses for not start sewing! Click here to check it out.

5- Fabric Cactus Cute Project – PDF Sewing Pattern

Believe it or not. These are fabric cactus! It looks so real, don’t you agree? Such a lovely and creative idea! Click here to grab your pattern from XanthePatterns Etsy Shop.

This book is an easy to follow step by step tutorial to make a set of fabric cactuses to add to your flowerpots.

The materials you need are scraps of cotton fabric, Polyfill for stuffing, thread and Yellow embroidery floss to create thorns, Small flowerpots, Scissors, Fine-point fabric marker, Sewing machine, Hand sewing needle and Embroidery needle.

6- Kids Animal Bag Sewing Pattern PDF

Kids will love this animal bag, and you will like to sew it!

With easy instructions, you can use your fabric and make it unique by using your creativity. Click here to check it out at NataPatterns Etsy Shop.

7- Kids DIY No-Sew Face Mask Kit – Craft Project – Make your mask

There is no-sew involved in this one, but I could not leave the face mask out, right? As there are loads of face masks pdf and patterns out there, I decided to add this as it is unique.

With this kit, you can colour in your designs, string the sides together and tie your ear elastics to fit your face! That’s it. Choose from two different prints. ‘Rocket Man’ or ‘Paisley Princess’.

The best of it is that you can always throw your mask in the washing machine to start over and colour your mask again! The kit includes one mask and a set of elastic ties. So creative! Check it out at FindMe Esty Shop. Click here.


8- Honey Pot Cottage Sewing Box 

This example is a sewing box with secret storage for your sewing essentials as needles and scissors.  

The Honey Pot Cottage kit includes good quality wool felt, cotton fabric, stuffing, and all materials you need to complete this charming cottage sewing project.

This original sewing kit is exclusive to Thimble Wood Esty Shop. Click here to check it out.

9- Lavender Bag Sewing Kit Project

This sweet lavender bag is a sewing craft kit project perfect for beginners. You can sew by hand or with a sewing machine.

The kit includes the delicate choice of Tilda cotton vintage cotton and everything else you need to complete this lovely project.

Available at MirabeleMakery Esty Shop. Click here to check it out.

10 – Vintage Sew-it-Yourself Patterns 

While I was doing my weekly shopping at my local supermarket some time ago, I noticed a sewing magazine offering a free sewing kit.

I felt this would be a perfect way to keep myself busy while relaxing at the same time, so I decided to purchase the magazine.

While I was in the checkout queue, I start to browse the magazine. I found myself getting excited to sew something that I didn’t involve a sewing machine, something I could do by hand while relaxing on my sofa watching TV.

From the pictures below, you can see how easy it is to use the pattern, fabric and instructions. There’s no real thinking involved, just relax and enjoy.


It was so easy, and I enjoyed relaxing on the sofa.


The original project from the magazine is to make the dog as a doorstop stuffed with dried rice or beans, but as I didn’t need a doorstop, I used stuffing.


Pictures and projects from SewMagazine

It is up to you which filling you are going to use. There are many types, and prices vary as cotton, beads, fibre polyester, etc. I used High-Quality Polyester Fiber Toy Filling Stuffing

See another example of a similar Vintage Sew-It-Yourself kits from SaraYoung Etsy Shop below: Click here to grab yours.

If you want to take to the next step and challenge yourself, this is the book I recommend:

Lovely projects that you can’t resist! Grab your book here from Amazon.