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Easter Craft Ideas

  • January 17, 2018
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Let’s have a look at some interesting Easter Craft Ideas!

It’s time to relax! Finally, I am having some “spare time”!!!! so I can do what I like most: “arts and crafts”!… and it’s probably a good excuse to eat some chocolates!

What are you doing this Easter?

It would be great to spend time with family and especially if you have small children as they are going to be on “school holidays”!!! You might want to try a new art media, finish a project or you are looking for inspiration? I hope you make the most of this Easter break! Let me know what you are up to! 


In this post, you will find two very easy polymer clay Easter bunny projects and other ideas for Easter arts & crafts to make at home.

I hope you enjoy.

Polymer Clay Easter Craft Ideas

Perhaps you are already into polymer clay yourself? but the children will be getting most of your attention? …. so why not let the kids play with modelling clay while you are making your projects with Polymer clay? 

polymer clay for kids easter craft ideas

Modelling clay for kids from Amazon

modelling clay kids Easter craft ideas
Source: Amazon

Make some animal miniatures with your kids with modelling clay. 

Polymer Clay Easter Bunny – Easter Craft Ideas to Sell

For the Polymer clay fanatics (like me), to make this Easter Bunny you will need 5 different polymer clay colors (rose, white, green, black, red, yellow and lavender) Off course you can use any colors you want, so let your imagination fly. 

polymer clay easter bunny

You also need a tissue blade or polymer clay slicer, a tooth pick and an acrylic roller or a pasta machine

Easter Craft Ideas
by Lia Spragg

This is a very easy project, we will start making the ears, then the face, feet and body and we will assemble. Follow step by step below:

Polymer Clay Easter Bunny Ears

free tutorial polymer clay

After rolling the rose clay with the acrylic roller or pasta machine cut two same size rectangles with your blade.

polymer clay tutorial

do the same with the white clay.

how to make bunny ears with polymer clay

Bend the blade carefully and cut the two pieces of  white clay as above

clay tutorial free

Add the white clay on top of the rose clay and cut the rose clay around matching with the shape of the white clay but leave a small edge around, so you still see the rose clay.

See the bunny ears completed on top left of the picture below.

Polymer Clay Easter Bunny Eyes

 easter bunny eyes

Roll the white clay with the acrylic roller or pasta machine. Using a straw cut two circles.

 easter bunny eyes

Make a very thin sausage with the black clay and cut two very small pieces of the black sausage and roll it making two small balls. These will be the pupils of the bunny eyes.

  easter bunny eyes

Add the small little black balls on top of the with circles. So, you have the eyes.

Polymer Clay Easter Craft Ideas – Bunny Body and Head

 easter bunny body

Roll the rose clay and make a shape similar to a cylinder but with a large base. See below

easter bunny body

Make a small ball with the rose clay for the head and add to the top of the body.

Polymer Clay Easter Bunny Face and Feet

 easter bunny face

First, add the eyes then make a very small ball with the red clay for the nose and cut two circles of the lavender or dark pink clay for the cheeks (the same as you made the white circle for the eyes-cut with the straw) 

 easter bunny face

We can’t forget the big front teeth!! So, cut a small square of the white clay and cut half of the way.

easter bunny face

Add the teeth first, then add the cheeks. Using a toothpick make small holes on the cheeks.

easter bunny face

For the feet, cut two pieces as above. I just used my blade.

easter bunny feet

Add the feet to the bottom of the body.

Easter bunny polymer clay

Add the head on the top of the body.

Polymer Clay Easter egg

Easter egg polymer clay

Make an “egg shape” using the green clay. 

Make a very thin sausage with the yellow clay.

Easter bunny polymer clay

Add the yellow thin sausage randomly on top of the green egg.

Polymer Clay Easter Bunny Arms and Assembly

Easter bunny arms

Make a small sausage with the rose clay and squeeze the ends. Make a cut to form the thumb.

polymer clay Easter bunny

Using the back of a craft knife or acrylic roller smooth the joints of the arms into the body.

polymer clay Easter bunny

Add the ears carefully.

Polymer clay Easter bunny

and of course, a little tail. (small rose polymer clay ball) 

Easter Craft Ideas

There you have it! Easy peasy!

The video below explains this project in greater detail:

Easter Craft Ideas – Polymer Clay Easter Mini Egg Jar

Easter craft ideas bunny polymer clay

Another idea for Easter is to make your own jar of Easter eggs with a bespoke lid decorated with polymer clay. 

easter egg jar

Simple mayonaisse jar

easter egg jar

I am going to decorate the lid with polymer clay

Easter egg jar

Roll the clay through the pasta machine or with an acrylic roller. (not too thin) and cut it slightly bigger than the size of the lid – 1 cm (1/4″) 

Easter egg jar

Start by turning the clay over the lid edges

Easter egg jar

polymer clay

finish off cutting the surplus clay with a tissue blade

polymer clay

With a craft knife start to poke the lid covered with polymer clay to make the “grass”

polymer clay

It will take a while, but the result is great, so take your time and enjoy the process. Leave a space for the bunny.

Polymer Clay Easter Craft Ideas – Free Tutorial

Easter bunny polymer clay

Cut pieces of white polymer clay: make one ball for the bunny head, one triangle shape for the body and two small sausages for the ears.

Easter bunny polymer clay

Add the pieces together as shown above.

easter bunny polymer clay

Roll a small piece of rose polymer clay and cut two little circles for the cheeks. (you can use a straw to cut the circles)

easter craft ideas

Add the eyes (two small balls of blue, green or any colour if you prefer), make a small triangle in red polymer clay for the nose 

Add a small pink sausage in each ear (optional), make two small sausages for the arms and two small white dots on the top of the blue eyes.

mini egg polymer clay

Make a mini egg with yellow and red polymer clay. Mix them together and roll the clay in a shape as an egg.

Add the egg to the bunny and put the arms around

polymer clay Easter craft ideas

Add the bunny to the top of the lid and mini eggs to the jar. Bake it as per Manufacturer’s Recommendations time and temperature described in the polymer clay pack.

Easter craft ideas polymer clay bunny

Add the mini chocolate eggs into the jar and Voilà!

Homemade Chocolates Easter Egg Craft Ideas 

Easter craft ideas
Source: BBC Food

Easter chocolate eggs are not difficult to make and are one of the best Easter craft ideas. It is really fun to make with kids.

Easter craft ideas dark chocolate
by Charisse Kenion

You will need bars of milk or dark chocolate, a plastic mould and a kitchen thermometer. The other utensils I believe you will have in your kitchen. If you are worry about gain weight or if you are in a diet, did you know that dark chocolate is allowed in keto diet? read more here about this amazing diet here and discover the delicious food you can eat and loose weight at the same time.

chocolate egg mould

chocolate mould from Amazon


Kitchen cooking thermometer

Thermometer from Amazon

The thermometer is very important as to guarantee the high gloss and smooth finish when tempering the chocolate. For the full details on how to make your chocolate Easter eggs at home follow the link to BBC Food which includes a video on how to temper your chocolate.

However, if you fancy a homemade chocolate egg with amazing fillings and you live in Netherlands you can order yours from Smaak Van Brazilie .

Chocolate Easter Craft ideas
by Aina Klopenburg

These beauties are from my friend Aina, who was also featured in another post here about Brazilian Party food.

easter egg craft ideas

Aina make delicious chocolate Easter eggs with incredible fillings like this one above, a new trend in Brazil called: “ovo de colher” (egg in the spoon). This is a milk chocolate Easter egg filled with carrot cake and brigadeiro (see explanation about “brigadeiro” here)

easter craft ideas
by Aina Klopenburg

or filling with lime mousse and whipped cream light…. I want one!!!!


Fabric Paint Easter Craft Ideas

Fabric paint has been one of my favorite arts & crafts since I was young because of the inspiration from my mum. So why not introduce the fabric paint to the kids this Easter? It’s really fun and you can make amazing things as painting shoes or t-shirts.

fabric paint for kids easter craft ideas

These beauties are from my lovely mother:

fabric paint

Fabric paint and fabric embellishments 

fabric paint

I will make a post about my fabric paint projects and a fabric paint tutorial will also be available soon, so keep checking my blog and subscribe to receive the news.

Sewing Easter Craft Ideas

fabric bunny easter craft ideas
Source Amazon

If you are keen to sewing, you can get the pattern for these lovely rabbit and owl above at Amazon 

Easter bunny craft ideas

Cute fabric bunny door decoration made by my mum. I love my mum’s Easter Craft Ideas.

Easter Craft Ideas for Preschoolers

kids Easter craft ideas
Source: Kiwifamilies

This is one of Easter Crafts ideas to make with kids: Dying eggs with food coloring. See how to make with kids at kiwifamilies

Other Easter Craft Projects 

Blythe doll clothes and accessories: See the new releases of Blythe’ clothes with the theme Easter designed and made by my sister Walquiria @handmadebywal

Polymer clay necklace: See how to make a polymer clay necklace

Decoupage with photos: See how to decoupage a coffee table with pictures (ink jet printer)

Perhaps this Easter you may want to unwind and take your time to watch “that” movie you were planning to see some time ago and never had the time…  maybe chill in your pajamas all day long and have a nice hot chocolate in bed and read your favorite book, so whatever you fancy, I hope you enjoy your time and I wish you a lovely? Easter.

hot chocolate for easter


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xxx Lia

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