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The Secrets to Drawing – Review

If you’ve been looking for a little help to unlock your artistic potential, you will like hearing about “ The Secrets to Drawing ” video course. This highly effective course has helped thousands of people like you quickly tap on their hidden drawing talents and learn to practice in a way that brings consistent improvements.

Read my review and learn how these drawing lessons for beginners – Step by Step tutorials will improve your skills quickly and easily: 

The Secrets to Drawing Video Course


The course is comprised of multimedia elements, including twenty eight full HD videos that include over 500 minutes of actual drawing where the author guides you through all the essential problems to be overcome in learning how to draw.

Additionally to the video content, it also includes a set of 26 eBooks for additional studying that include all the information presented simply to help you keep learning faster.

Should you invest in your artistic potential by purchasing “The Secrets of Drawing” video course? Read through this review and you will be able to make an informed decision! 

The Secrets to Drawing review  

Things You Can Learn with The Secrets to Drawing

This well-rounded drawing course has five main sections aimed at guiding you from the very basics of tool selection to the more philosophical-minded considerations of a skilled artist. The five sections are “The Tools”, “Perspective”, “Concepts”, “Inspiration” and “What to Draw With”.  

“The Tools” – The first section in this drawing course focuses on showing you how to best use all the essential artistic supplies, as well as introducing the most common artistic techniques and tools. The aim of this section is getting you prepared for the journey ahead, and what a journey! 

“Perspective” – While it may seem confusing at first, perspective is essential for anyone who wishes to learn how to draw convincing representations of reality. Perspective is everywhere, and once you learn how to “see in perspective” you will find it much easier to improve your drawings and spot any problem areas. 

“Concepts” – As you start to become familiar with the basics of drawing, this section introduces you to some crucial concepts in rendering form and light. You will learn about values, form and negative space, silhouette and shapes, and several other key concepts of drawing. 

“Inspiration” – When you get to the point where you’re comfortable drawing anything from reality, the next step is to engage your imagination to create unique and inspiring compositions that will appeal universally. Such is the entire point of this section, and it will truly help you see things in a new light. 

“What to Draw With” – The final section in this program takes you back to basics once again, to show you that art progress is a never-ending spiral of learning – as well as providing you with specific solutions and tricks to help you know what is the best drawing supply to tackle each drawing problem. 

Watch the video below to see what you will learn:

  Drawing Lessons for Beginners – Step by Step:


What Are the Pros and Cons of This Drawing Course?


As you might have guessed by reading the generally positive reviews of this course available on the Internet, “The Secrets to Drawing” is a really popular and critically applauded video course that has been helping many people from all walks of life become better artists. 

Thanks to his simple and down-to-earth presentation of elaborate artistic concepts, Matthew Fussel manages to put his message across clearly and he shines has a natural communicator and teacher. This means that you will be able to make progress in a very short time, since all the crucial concepts are explained to you clearly – all that’s left is for you to practice and the results will speak for themselves.

One of the most interesting aspects of this video course is how hard it works to convey the message that no one is just born talented. Learning how to become a better artist is all about putting in the time and hard work, but you can surely progress faster when you know what you’re doing! 

That is one of the core concepts of this course: learning how to practice effectively as a way to progress faster in terms of drawing ability. This is how you unlock your natural drawing talent, which deep down you know to have in great stock. One of the most notable achievements of The Secrets of Drawing is its focus in giving students the right skill set to thread their own artistic path in confident steps. Once you watch this course you’ll have a solid idea of how you have to proceed to evolve quickly and impressively as a sketch artist. The information is presented in a very appealing multimedia format that combines text manuals with video tutorials and high quality illustrations, in order to make your learning experience as rich as possible. 


One of the drawbacks of this course is that you will have to be connected to the Internet at all times, to get access to the course materials. While this shouldn’t be a problem for most people, it’s worth keeping in mind in case you’re planning to learn with “The Secrets to Drawing” from a place without broadband Internet connection.

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