This is a decoupage for beginners project.  My inspiration come from a frustration on not finding things around the house when I needed. Perhaps a stick tape to wrap my child teacher’s present at the last minute or find that “one paper clip” or glue…  Maybe your thinking on organising your children’s room and rounding up all their bits and bobs to put in one place.  Well, in my case I just wanted to organise my stationary stuff in my home office and at the same time, add some colour using some basic decoupage.  I decided to make a video (see below) of what I done  titled ‘Decoupage For Beginners‘ to show how easy it is.

After refurnished the spare room into an office and guest room (this is a project I will show you in another post) I wanted to have some easy access to things I use all the time, but I wanted my desk clean so I have more space to work on my projects.

So off to IKEA to  find something suitable as storage. IKEA is a fabulous place to find just about “everything” and “anything” you can imagine, or not… So in my visit I found this set of drawers and I decided that this is what I want to use for my project:

Time to Decoupage

I used some pictures from old magazines, things that inspires me, as wild animals, nature and beautiful places which will be exposed instead of paper clips, tapes, etc…

In this project I used EVA and water, as I had EVA for a book binding project (I will show this in another post) but you can use PVA (simple glue that children use in school projects) You can find this at any supermarket or stationary shop.

I started cutting my pictures from the magazines measuring the size of the front of drawers.

Using a brush I spre Decoupage for beginners ad the glue evenly on top of each drawer and back of each picture and placed the picture on the top of the drawer and covered with another layer of glue.  After all pictures where in place I let it to dry.

If you are good on DYI you can fix the units into the wall yourself but I am fortunate to had the help from Chris, my partner. You can also leave the units on the top of the desk or in a shelf.

I am very happy with the final product, I think the only thing missing is to add some labels on each drawer so I know what is inside…  I am thinking how I am going to add a label without cover the pictures, any suggestions?  ….

See my video below where I show how I made this Decoupage for beginners project.

You can find craft supplies for this project at

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