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7 Decoupage Ideas on Wood for Beginners – Easy How to Decoupage

7 Decoupage Ideas on Wood for Beginners

1- Easy Wooden Drawers Decoupage Project

My inspiration comes from frustration on not finding things around the house when I needed then. You know, it always happens when you need a stick tape to wrap your child teacher’s present at the last minute.

This project is also an idea if you are thinking about organising your children’s room and rounding up all their bits and bobs to put in one place.

Well, in my case I just wanted to organise my craft stuff and have easy access to things I use all the time. I also wanted my desk clean to have more space to work on my projects.

So off to IKEA to find something suitable as storage.

IKEA is a fabulous place to find just about “everything” and “anything” you can imagine, or not… So in my visit, I found this set of drawers, and I decided that this is what I want to use for my project:

Easy Step by Step to Decoupage

I used some pictures from old magazines, things that inspire me, as wild animals, nature and beautiful places which will be exposed instead of paper clips, tapes, etc.…

In this project, I used EVA and water, as I had EVA for a bookbinding project, but you can use PVA (simple glue that children use in school projects).

You can find this at any supermarket or stationery shop.

Decoupage for beginners

1- I started cutting my pictures from the magazines measuring the size of the front of drawers.

2- Using a brush, I spread the glue evenly on top of each drawer and back of each picture, placed the image on the top of the drawer and covered with another layer of glue.  

3- After all pictures in place I let it to dry.

4- You can fix the units into the wall

5- You can also leave the set on the top of the desk or on a shelf.

See my video below where I show how I made this Decoupage for a beginners project.

There is also a video for this project here.

2 – Floral Decoupage Tray

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180/ชิ้น ถาดไม้ ขนาด 25.5*11.5*4 cm. ถาดไม้ใส่ของ เป็นกล่องวางน้องตัวเล็กๆโชว์ก็น่ารักดีนะ…ไม่ขายน้องนะคะ😆 #ถาดไม้ #ถาดไม้สน #ถาดไม้วินเทจ #แฮนด์เมด #กล่อง #ของขวัญ #แต่งบ้าน #แต่งร้าน #ของแต่งบ้าน #ของแต่งห้อง #ของแต่งบ้านวินเทจ #ดอกไม้ #วินเทจ #ร้านนม #ร้านกาแฟ #ร้านอาหาร #แต่งร้าน #แต่งร้านอาหาร #tangon_alittlehouse #ของใช้ #ของใช้น่ารัก #แฮนด์เมด #ของฝาก #ของที่ระลึก #พัด #งานสาน #คาเฟ่ #cafe #เดคูพาจ #decoupage #decoupagelover #สินค้าว่างแท๊กนี้จ้าtangon_alittlehouse

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3 – Shabby Chic Decoupage Furniture

4 – Sea motifs Decoupage Furniture

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Feast your eyes on this absolutely fab home office storage cabinet. Who loves the boldness of the @mindtgap Oceania paper on this delicate cabinet? I’ve really enjoyed the job and will be sad to see it go tomorrow to its new home, but I know it’s going to look wonderful there. A repeat client, second order which is lovely too. What’s everyone’s plans for the weekend, I’m knee deep in various @coordonne murals and very excited to use my first pink Edo (peacock mural) Backdrop painting provided by #mindthegapwallpaper #decoupagefurniture #decoupage #maximalistdesign #moreismore #lessisabore #styleitdark #linencupboard #furnituregoals #restyle #furniture #furniturerefinisher #reuse

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5 – Set of Drawers with Napkins Decoupage

6 – Decoupage with Newspaper

7 – Lovely Frida Decoupage and Paintings

Which one is your favourite?

Check it out my other Photo Collage projects here. Where I used decoupage to cover my coffee table.