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If you are a Polymer clay beginner or already addicted, here you will find Polymer Clay ideas and inspirations for your next projects.

Learn what is polymer clay, how to bake polymer clay so you can use it in the right way without wasting time and materials.

Get to know the most impressive and incredible polymer clay tools that make our lives so much easier!

Find tutorials on polymer clay and learn how to make polymer clay beads, polymer clay bracelet and polymer clay necklace using an extruder. Also a free download polymer clay pdf for subscribers.

Learning the basics from start with the All in One Polymer clay tutorial for beginners.  All that you need to know to make a Polymer clay necklace without a pasta machine is here. Therefore, no excuses for not put your hands on this amazing and therapeutic medium!

Information and tips from easy polymer clay charms ideas to amazing polymer clay artists and their creations. Find out tips and tricks to help you in your crafty journey.

Discover what you can do out of polymer clay with some fascinating  ideas:

  • wedding cake with polymer clay 
  • polymer clay figurines, doll, jewellery
  • Christmas decorations
  • polymer clay food miniatures
  • how to make beads, canes, flowers

Let’s get crafty! Welcome to the marvellous world of Polymer Clay!

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