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Tarot cards meaning and readings. All that you need to know to learn how to read Tarot. Join me in this fascinating mystical world.

Whether you are in a relationship or are looking for your soul-mate, we are always trying to guess what will happen in the future. 

There are several ways to understand tarot cards meaning and how to read tarot cards. It is important to remember that we have the power to change our life by changing our actions. The future is not set in stone and we have free will to change our destiny.

Tarot cards can give guidance, answer a question or show you that there are different paths to choose from.  

Above all, and like everything in life, with dedication, practice, studying the tarot card meanings and trusting in your instincts you can become a  confident tarot reader.

Good readings! 

3 Card Tarot Reading Spreads for Beginners | Learn Tarot Cards Meaning

3 Card Tarot Reading Spreads for Beginners | Learn Tarot Cards Meaning

  • April 14, 2020
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From renaissance Europe to modern America, Tarot cards have been used to divine the future, spiritually explore oneself, or to turn a quick buck through sleight of hand.

This article is to serve as an introduction to all those interested and want to know how Tarot Cards are read and to understand the Tarot cards meaning.

A brief history

Playing cards were introduced into Europe during the 14th century, the “tarot” decks became known for their vivid imagery.

The practice of using cards for divination (predicting the future) started to emerge in the 17th...

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