Category: Drawing

Drawing is fascinating, and generally, it is the basics of all types of art and crafts.

For example, if you want to use watercolour, you might wish to do a sketch first.

The same applies when you work with other mediums as oil, acrylics or colour pencils, for example.

Crafts as sewing, for example, you will need to draw or copy a template.

Embroidering, woodwork, sculpture are just a few other examples where you also use drawing to start your project.

You can paint without having to sketch first. There is nothing wrong with it and some artists producing better work when they let their ideas and imagination flow as it goes.

However, if we have learnt the basic of drawing, including how to use and combine colours, necessary of shapes, forms, perspective and proportions and by using the right paint brushes and materials, the finishing product will be certainly better.

Practise is the key to improvement. Learning new techniques, getting tips via courses, tutorials and inspirations for other artists is also a bonus.

If you are looking to learn how to draw as a beginner or you want to advance your skills, keep your mind open as sometimes the next inspiration might be just in front of you.  

Anyone can learn how to draw, and like everything in life, the more we do, the better we get.

Drawing is a fantastic craft that brings you the joy of creating something from your mind.

It can be an idea, a dream, a thought combined with your emotions and transformed into a piece of art.

Enjoy the journey.