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Reconnect yourself through arts and crafts. Let it fulfil your soul, your life, and calm your mind while you are making something. Learn a new skill or enhance the skills you already have.

Made at Home Crafts website is a holistic way to share ideas and inspirations of the world of homemade arts and crafts.

Let your thoughts free, enjoy the moment, here and now, give it a go, learn something different. This is the way where our most creative revelations live.

Painting can be a wonderfully meditative practise as embroidering or sewing. Making something with kids and entertain them for hours while you spend quality time with your loved ones. Homemade activity is an incredible tool to teach and learn valuable skills and develop the interest of the little ones in activities and subjects that are not just internet or online games.

Be inspired by everything that is around you, even if you have just a window to look outside, why not paint a canvas with what you see? 

Thoughts and emotions are always a good start for developing ideas for your new project. Find when you feel most relaxed, at home, by nature, in a busy place? 

From watercolour to making dolls or refurbishing a piece of furniture you will find inspirations, ideas, projects and tutorials here.

Arts and crafts is a hobby that can be transformed in an income if you want and when you master your skills and learn the basics of marketing and selling.

While you are finding your path, why not make your own art? 


Easter Craft Ideas

Let’s have a look at some interesting Easter Craft Ideas! It’s time to relax! Finally, …