7 Jewellery Box Craft Ideas – Decoupage with Napkin

Time to make your Jewellery Box. Get inspired by the ideas below.

Christmas is a wonderful time where we enjoy family & friends. It is also a time to unwind and relax. Well, maybe is also a time to create something!

As I am always thinking about arts & crafts and what my next project will be, everything I look at is a potential craft idea. 

The ideas start to pop into my head, and I want to keep everything “in case I need it”.

Sometimes, I have to confess; I need to do a cleanup and tell myself I must throw things away. In any case, I always select and keep the best bits for a maybe future project. I can’t help myself.

1- Shabby Chic Red Rose Jewellery Box

One of my best things to save is the Christmas pudding box.

Tiptree Organic Christmas Pudding box

This Christmas box pudding is made of hard cardboard and has a quality finishing.

I visualised all my rings and neatly seating inside the box. 

In the video at the bottom of this page, you can see in details how I made this jewellery box.

Materials I used:

List of products:

Mod Podge

PVA Glue

Black Felt



Wooden Bamboo Skewers

Modelling Craft Knife

See my Tin Can decoupage project here.

2- Colorful Tiles

3- Polymer clay charms Decorated Lid

4- Ceramic tiles 

5- Painted Jewellery box

6- Indian Handcrafted 

7- Bohemian Style