Let’s gather our best off cuts of wrapping paper and make a jewellery box with a shabby chic decoupage lid.

Christmas is a wonderful time where we enjoy family & friends and time to unwind and relax. But for me I cannot help but visualise what I can do with all those cardboard boxes and wrapping paper all over the house… So, it’s tidy and gather up time!

As I am always thinking about arts & crafts and what my next project will be, everything I look at is a potential craft idea.  The ideas starts to popping in to my head and I want to keep everything “in case I need it”, but sometimes, I have to confess, I need to do a clean up and tell myself I must throw things away,  however I always select and keep the best bits for a maybe future project… I cant help myself.

“Best Bits for Up cycling” 

gift box

Photo by Wesual Click

One of my best things to save is the Christmas pudding box, which I think it is beautiful on its own but needs a bit “me” on it…

Tiptree Organic Christmas Pudding box

This Christmas box pudding is made of a hard cardboard and has a quality finishing so I thought it could be transformed into a jewellery box.

I visualised all my rings and ear rings neatly seating inside the box.


photo by Charisse Kenion

My “Craft Eye”????????✂

I also like to keep some of my clothes that I do don’t wear any more. I give a lot of them to charity shops, family & friends however the ones that have a nice and/or exclusive fabric or give me that “click” that I can do something with, I keep.  So, this was the case here, an old jacket I had the perfect lining fabric i thought would suit my next project, a jewellery box.

I also interesting collect napkins (see, I see something in everything) and every time I go shopping I look for different patterns and designs.

In the video at the bottom of this page you can see how I made this jewellery box also using decoupage technique with paper napkins on the lid. Any cardboard box will do but it will be better to use something made of hard cardboard. Keep your “craft eye”  open next time you open a present!

make today amazing

Photo by Gwen Weustink

Materials I used:

List of products:

Mod Podge

PVA Glue

Black Felt



Wooden Bamboo Skewers

Modelling Craft Knife

Keep crafting! ????✂

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