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Blythe dolls

Blythe dolls, a must have doll for collectors and maybe a dream toy for children, the oversized head and large eyes that change colour with the pull of a string are attracting many admirers.

My first reaction when I first saw the Blythe dolls was a mixture of surprise feelings and questioning:  “the head is too big” or “why adults are playing with dolls ?”… but at the same time: “they are cute” and make me feel I want to make some clothes and accessories for this doll…

You might be reading this and be completely against the idea of adults having dolls…. But, why?

Is it because it is not a “normal” thing to do? “Normal?” who set the criteria for what is “normal”? … The society that hinders our imagination and forced us to “fit in the norm” and behaving the way it is acceptable. “Acceptable?”, oh please…. Read about Salvador Dali >>> here and then we can discuss this subject again…

Few… let me go back to the beauty of dolls as otherwise I will change the subject and that is not what I want.  I just like to try to make you feel that “you can have dolls” if you decided so. It is simple like that: Your decision!

Let your imagination fly out and your mind free of stereotypes. People are enjoying themselves, making friends, participating in community, improving their skills in arts & crafts, sewing, photography, blogging, social media and traveling … there are so many pros that I can’t list here.

Cons? Well, I really do not see what it could be in my opinion.

I am not going to write about the history and/or when the Blythe dolls were created. You can find the info here:


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This blog is to “inspire” so, see some pictures below just to start:

Blythe Dolls’ Clothes:


These creations are from my lovely sister and surprise, surprise!!!  she is a dentist in Brazil!  I believe this just confirms what I said above!

My sister collects dolls as a hobby and also design and sell exclusive  Blythe Dolls’ clothes. See her Facebook Page here:  Handmadebywal

Blythe Dolls Clothes – Easter Themed

See new and exclusive clothes for Blythe dolls from @handmadebywal.

Blythe doll Easter

Source: Handmadebywal

Set of skirt and blouse, handmade knitting with Japanese mohair hyper-fine yarn. Skirt in cotton and tulle fabric. OOAk piece, creation and execution by Walquiria @handmadebywal.

Blythe Doll Easter

Source: Handmadebywal

Sweatshirt made with reusable fabric (up cycling), and rabbit stamp in printer. Creation and execution by Walquiria @handmadebywal

Dolls Accessories in Polymer Clay:

 Blythe Dolls Accessories


 More Blythe Dolls accessories - Handbags and Shoes