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Sound Dealing

If you are like me, you are constantly looking for sources of inspiration, something to give you that spark for your next project.

I am originally from a Brazilian family full of artists and since an early age, they have encouraged me to be creative. Ever since then I have explored various mediums of art and am always trying out new methods

I see Life and all around me in a holistic way. This inspires me to study and understand how everything is connected.

I live far away from my home country and this has made me strong and resilient.

I’ve learnt to see each situation, each place I visit and each person I met as a teacher.

Salvador Dali Museum
Salvador Dali Museum

I try to turn the challenges into positive experiences and “Never Give Up!” is my motto and the one I live by

… however, being aware of what is important and worth fighting for or being able to let go is essential.

Discovering how to choose between the two (fight or flight) is easy for some and hard for others but for me, it is what life is about.

Using arts, crafts and writing about my interests is my way to express and discover myself while I chose my own battles and calm my mind.

Polymer Clay Beads
Polymer Clay Beads

Life is a challenge but it is the way we deal with such challenges we learn something. So, getting out of your comfort zone is always an opportunity to grow.

“Be like a Willow Tree, flexible to handle life situations but always resilient and strong”

willow tree
willow tree


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