I am originally from a Brazilian family full of artists. I have been inspired since young age into the arts and crafts and I like to learn different techniques and media. I also like the holistic side of life and to study and understand how everything in life is connected. Using arts, crafts and my holistic side is a way to express and discover myself and calm the mind. 

I am a working mother, living far away from my home country. This made me strong and resilient and that is why I want to share with you what I’ve been learning along the years through my experiences. This blog is to inspire you to live your life and enjoy each second. Each experience and each person you met are going to teach you something and that’s why we need to always look into the positive side in all situations we face. 

Life is a challenge but it is the way you deal with the challenges that changes everything. So, take a challenge always as an opportunity to grown.

“Be a Willow, flexible and handle life situations but always be resilient and strong”